Aqua Aerobics: Exercise for All Ages

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Joyce Fowler has been exercising since she was 12 … more than 78 years ago. She credits her health with a consistent exercise regime, booming social life, and a positive outlook on life. She’ll tell anyone what she does isn’t anything special but Joyce has figured out what many haven’t: it’s important to stay active at any age.

“I don’t want to push a buggy, I don’t want to have a walker,” Joyce says. “I would like to just stay on my feet.”

And she’s been able to stay on her feet by keeping them under water. Joyce is a regular at Midtown Athletic Club’s Aqua Aerobics class. Every week she slips her suit on, shoes off and jumps into the water. Don’t let the setting fool you: this class isn’t just fun in the sun.

“The pressure of the water actually makes your lungs work harder and makes your heart work harder,” group fitness instructor Sue Breckheimer says.

Aqua aerobics is a great way for anyone but especially older adults to get the workout they need without putting unnecessary strain on their bodies. Not only has it been shown to decrease pain from diseases such as osteoporosis, but it’s also been reported that those who exercise in water can exercise for longer and enjoy working out more than their land-locked counterparts.

For Joyce, the workouts enable her to continue doing what she enjoys most: spending time with family and friends.

“That’s good for the soul!” she says. “It’s good for the body.”


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