Lawsuit: Alderman Mell illegally owned landfill

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chicago alderman Dick Mell is a new defendant in a lawsuit over a controversial landfill in Joliet.

Until 2004, the landfill was owned — on paper — by a distant relative of the alderman, Frank Schmidt; but the Sun-Times reports, the lawsuit by convicted felon Robert Pruim claims he, his son and Mell were all secret partners in the landfill.

Pruim claims he and his son were legally barred from ownership because of his criminal record, and Mell couldn’t legally own the property because he’s a public official, and the landfill did business with the State of Illinois.

Furthermore, Pruim claims that when the landfill was sold in 2004, Mell defrauded him out of $3.7 million in profit.

There’s been no response from Mell’s office.

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  • Andrea

    Let's get his daughter Deb in his position so the thievery can continue another generation!!! Viva Chicago Machine politics!!

  • Andrea

    Does it really matter if they are lesbians, you hick? the story is still consistent with the hisory of thievery and graft brought on my the Mell clan.

  • Scott Schultz

    In my opinion, Mell is a crook and abuses his powers to influence and control others. He doesn't disclose financial interests and uses coercion to steer deals to his old pals, former Aldermen. He recommended many cronies in various government agencies and in return requires patronage contributions and personal access. In addition, he's willing to make false statements under oath or provide official influence for $3,000+ campaign contributors. Mell's future should be behind bars, not resting in the Sarasota sun.

  • Scott Schultz

    Mell is buddies with others like Ald Banks, who used to fix zoning deals for Fritchey and Jimmy Banks (nephews of Ald Banks), who like to setup others for either a sweet deal or lawsuits that benefit their undisclosed controlling interests. Jim Banks gave false statements under oath and Mell ratted him out after I provided the court with documents that contradicted both Mell and Jim Banks’ testimony. I submitted complaints to federal regulators over four years ago and followed up earlier this year. Still, no one has completed a full investigation. Corrupt leaders, like Dick Mell, don’t deserve to live with freedom and money. He’s the biggest scumbag I’ve ever met. He, Fritchey, Jim Banks, Bill Banks, Grace Sergio, Bartlomiej Przyjemski, and Krzysztof Doliwa created a situation that caused me to lose over $1.25 Million and resulted in windfall profits for them. Since 2008, I say prayers every single night that these pigs burn in hell. My life has been dramatically affected and I suffered extreme losses so that they can unlawfully generate wealth. If justice is served, they will all be incarcerated.

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