Police shoot and injure ‘despondent’ off-duty firefighter

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chicago police shot and injured an off duty firefighter this afternoon after a confrontation in a CVS parking lot.

Spokesperson for the Fraternal Order of Police Par Camden told reporters police received a call about a “despondent man” from the man’s wife.  The man had been in contact with his wife and said he “couldn’t take it anymore.”

Police searched for the man and found him sitting in a car at 103rd and Pulaski Rd in the Mount Greenwood neighborhood.

Camden said officers approached the man and asked to see his hands.  The man was one the phone and officers could not see his right hand, according to Camden.

The man “made the sign of the cross” and flung the door open and took a “combat stance” and was holding an object, Camden said.

Police fired and Camden says the man was hit several times.  He says the officers quickly discovered that the black object he pointed at them was his wallet.

Camden says it was clear case of attempted suicide, a so called ‘suicide by cop’

The officer was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery.

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  • Concerned

    That's too bad, relationships seem even more treacherous and difficult these days for whatever reason. It's sad to see that he went in this direction and couldn't find a healthier way to cope with his situation.

  • Carl

    I'm black and you're an embarrassment .You sound like an illiterate fool.You piece of garbage, you prevent our race from moving forward.

  • Carl

    See that's what's wrong with you tough guys,you make ignorant comments about people with morals and an education . I happen to be an accountant making a great living.