General Assembly overrides governor’s veto of concealed carry

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Illinois General Assembly voted Tuesday to override Gov. Pat Quinn’s veto of the concealed carry bill making Illinois the last state in the country to legalize the concealed carry of guns.

The House voted 77-31. The Senate 41-17.

The clock was ticking and the deadline was midnight for Illinois to act after the federal court ruled the state’s prohibition was unconstitutional.

The Senate tried to incorporate some of Quinn’s suggestions in a separate bill requiring house approval before becoming law. Things like forcing anyone with a concealed weapon to tell police about it the minute they are stopped by law enforcement; or, steering all mental health reportings to the Illinois State Police instead of the health department since state police are the ones who process concealed carry licenses.

But it failed in the House with a 62-47 vote, showing just how hard it is to get support for more restrictions.

While the state is moving forward to get Illinois on par with the rest of the country when it comes to concealed carry gun legislation, Chicago’s mayor is quick to recognize laws that apply to the rest of Illinois could be problematic for the city.

“Gun control is essential,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel said. “If they try to create a bill that represents the whole state, I think we need to make it clear Chicago is different than downstate and we had a stark reminder of that this weekend.”

Emanuel wants three things to help drive down crime and homicides:  He wants an assault weapon ban, a comprehensive background checks on a national level and a minimum three year sentence for violating gun laws with a mandatory 85% of sentence served.

City Hall will be a busy place next week. On Wednesday, Emanuel is calling a special session where he expects to see a ban on assault weapons pass in Chicago.

Tuesday’s vote on concealed weapons marks the end of the session. Lawmakers have adjourned until the fall.

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  • Indiana neighbor

    Chicago has a Gang problem first before it has a gun problem.
    Your cook county politicians want you to believe that allowing Law abiding citizens to protect themselves and their family members will only put more guns on the streets and cause all out warfare.
    they and the puppet governor are wrong it will drop crime rates.

  • James

    The criminals typically stay on the south side and shoot each other. The instances of gun violence on the north and northwest sides is very low. So I don't need a gun to protect my family. I have what we northerners call streets smarts. The rest of the state is welcome to have a gun in restaurant. I don't see ccw making anything safer here in Chicago. Probably more accidents than good guys vs bad guys.

  • Alan

    Crime, gun violence and homocides are just where Rahm, Jesse and Al wants it to be. Jesse and Al need it so they claim their sudo religious organizations can pay them $300-$400k a year tax exempt. They aren't in any hurry to stop the BS on the west and south side of Chicago. If Jesse says he's been working with the communities and gangs to end this stupidity, then he's the biggest failure this city has. What good has he done? Has crime dropped? Has poverty dropped? Has welfare, section 8 and food stamp recipients dropped? The answer is NO….so what has Jesse done? Not a damn thing!!! What is Rahm doing…nothing just preparing for a run at the Whitehouse in 2016/2020.
    Congrats for concealed carry!!!