Final showdown on concealed-carry law

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A final showdown comes today on a bill to allow people in Illinois to carry concealed handguns.

Under federal court order, the state General Assembly approved a concealed-carry bill this spring; but only one week before the federal deadline, Governor Pat Quinn tacked on some amendments, like limiting a person to just one gun at a time, and outlawing guns in places like bars and restaurants.

gunsQuinn’s critics say he waited too long to try to change the bill.

The Governor complained, state lawmakers are embracing the ideals of the National Rifle Association and rejecting the will of the voters.

But State Rep. Brandon Phelps (D-Harrisburg) says Quinn is trying to undo a bill that took two years to negotiate, and a bill that passed both chambers of the legislature by veto-proof majorities.

Phelps says Quinn is just pandering to his Chicago base as he tries to win re-election.

Quinn carried only three of Illinois’ 102 counties in 2010, but Cook County, the state’s largest, was one of them.

The General Assembly is expected to override the governor’s amendatory veto and enact its original concealed-carry bill into law.

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  • MrCrabs

    It is the Governor and the leftists from Chicago & Cook County who want to impose their will on the vast, vast majority of Illinois citizens. This has nothing to do with the NRA. The media and leftists have spent years demonizing honest citizens in Illinois and the rest of the nation who want to freely exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. The legislature needs to over ride the Governor's changes and pass the original bill. The stalling tactics of Lisa Madigan and Pat Quinn are not in the interest of the majority of Illinois citizen. They need to stop wasting time and fix the real financial problems of the State (which they helped create).

  • Jose

    He lies to all of us. He makes up excuses and claims that the "voters" want gun control. His "voters" are the people who keep him funded.

  • James

    The people largest county, cook, mostly do NOT want concealed carry. The NRA and other gun advocates have been pushing for this for years. If you think it has nothing to do with the NRA, you are wrong….google Chicago and NRA, or ISRA. Guns in restaurants and bars? Are you kidding. Many people in the Chicagoland area are not against guns. But guns are not a part of our culture or everyday life-other than the gangs-we don't see a point, it is the NRA and others that wish to impose their views on us. A handful of people fight for ccw, while millions oppose it or don't care. ….