Chicago Police lower age limit for entry exam

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

chicago-policeChicago Police have dropped the application age to join the force from 25 to 18 in an effort to increase the number of eligible applicants.

The age to take the exam was raised to 21 three years ago, with applicants allowed to enter the academy at age 25.

Critics said that the police department cut off many qualified candidates who wanted to begin their career immediately.

The new age requirements will help to close this gap and provide a shorter time span applicants will have to wait to enter the police academy, Chicago police spokesperson Adam Collins said.

Applicants can now take the entry exam at 18 and enter the academy at age 21.

The new rule will apply for the next exam which will be held later this year.

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1 Comment

  • Quinlan

    This is the dumbest thing the CPD could do! I guess you take the test while you are 18 years old and then you can be called when you are 21 years old. In the meantime the applicants get called and they weed out the (White) with the garbage of you're not qualified instead of just telling them that the quota has been filled. We fill the quota of Minorities and Women. Then the Department throws out that test and then as a revenue source they give another test!!
    So again we lower the standards….age and GEDs instead of graduates.
    Why not up t he age and the amount of education? Perhaps the quality of the people would be better. People want to be a Chicago Police Officer because of two things….job security and pay scale and not because they wanted to be a police officer since they were little people or a family tradition!
    As a taxpayer I want the best of the best…and that's not what we have! Most 18 year olds are immature.
    The reason for lowering the age is for more applicants? Is it such a difficult thing to figure out?
    The moral on the CPD is at an all time low!! Wonder why….keep hiring more idiots!
    A white male has no chance….unless his father or relative is high up the Department.
    Who made this decision? How about a vote of the people?
    I live in the Mayors neighborhood and we have no Police presence! Alderman Pawar's office staff tell me…there are Police…you just don't see them!!
    One last question….if the CPD lower the test to 18, does this mean the Mayor thinks High School education is enough?

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