Two children, 5 and 7, among Chicago shooting victims

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Two children, ages five and seven, are among the many victims of shootings across Chicago.

Since Wednesday afternoon, gun violence has killed eight people, and wounded 30 others.

Jaden Donald, 5, was one of three people shot late Thursday night at Cooper Park in the Roseland neighborhood.

5 YEAR OLD BOY SHOT Jaden Donald

He had gunshot wounds in his stomach and thigh.

Jaden, his three siblings and his mother were on their way home from a family holiday gathering when they stopped at Cooper Park to visit with friends.

“The next thing you know I thought it was fireworks still going on and there was a guy standing on the opposite side of the street shooting in the park and let off about 30 rounds,” Jaden’s mother, Jasmine Dillon Donald said. “Everybody ran, and the other kids got down, my son tried to run to me, I was running toward him.”

Donald said she remembered her son calling out for her after he was shot; Jaden told her he couldn’t breath.

Jaden came out of surgery at 5:30 Friday morning. Doctor’s at Christ Advocate Memorial Hospital removed Jaden’s kidney, pancreas and spleen.

“I never even dreamed  something like this could happen,” Donald said. “When you see stuff like this on the news you never really actually think that it’s going to happen to you, to your child. It makes me want to go in the house with my kids and never come out.”

Earlier Thursday evening, a 7-year-old boy was shot in the neck while standing in Coles Park on East 85th Street.

Police said they think the shooter was trying to hit a car across the street.

He is hospitalized and has not yet been identified.

Both boys remain in critical condition.

Cole Park is where Officer Thomas Wortham IV was shot and killed in May, 2010. Wortham had worked to make that park safe for kids in that community.

No arrests have been made yet in either cases. Police hope surveillance video from cameras near both parks can help provide some answers.

According to the Chicago Police Department, there three murders and 16 shootings on Thursday. Police Supt. Garry McCarthy issued this statement about the recent violence:

“No shooting or murder is acceptable and everyday Chicago Police work to combat crime and violence in close partnership with the communities we serve, members of the clergy, local organizations, principals, parents and residents because we all have a role to play in the safety of our city. Our comprehensive policing strategy and our internal accountability measures ensure that officers are deployed in the right places at the right times, and that Commanders and officers have the resources and intelligence they need to prevent and quickly respond to crime. While to date we’ve had significantly fewer shootings and significantly fewer murders this year, there’s more work to be done and we won’t rest until everyone in Chicago enjoys the same sense of safety.”

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  • mirna.

    The victims are getting younger and younger what does it take for the mayor and the the police commander to realize this. NO killing is not stopping these gangbanger have to prove themselves to protect their turf and don’t care what get in there way. The city needs more homicide detective out there to solve and pick up these criminals who are doing these killings. I lost my 19 year old to gun violence and its been 3 month and no one has been caught for his killing the detectives says there swamp. these poor families will have to wait forever for answers. When will there ever be a end to this. Bring out the national guard because this violence will never stop

    • MomOf5

      My heart goes out to your family. I don't know if its feasible for your family to move to a safer community or if you're already in one. If you have anymore children, and you're living in a unsafe neighborhood. My suggestion is to move as tragedy can strike again. Just get as far away from we're gangbangers thrive. Plus, all children regardless of how much melanin is in their skin are vulnerable to being recruited into these bloodthirsty gangs. Please, if you're living in a dangerous area get as far away from it as possible. Ask for a job transfer, I don't know how you can achieve this but please find a way. You and your family have gone through too much already.

  • Dave

    Extremely sad to see a young innocent 5 year-old shot in Chicago, but is any Chicago park safe for a 5 year-old at 12:30 am?!? I am not trying to forgive gun violence, we all know it is wrong, but by now we all know it is a sad fact of life and parents need to protect young innocent children better. The mother should NOT have taken her child out to a park after midnight. The poor child is only 5! Very sad, but the child should NEVER have been exposed to this potential violence.

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