Boy, 5, in critical condition after park shooting

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chicago is coping again with deadly holiday violence: eight people have been killed since Wednesday and 30 have been wounded, including 5-year-old Jaden Donald

Jaden was shot just after midnight after someone opened fire on a crowd at Cooper Park, near 117th and Ada.

For his mother, Jasmine Dillon-Donald, there is only one question on her mind: “Why would you do something like this, why? Innocent kids, why…I just don’t understand.”

Dillon Donald said she heard about 30 rounds go off in the crowd and that she drove Jaden to Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn since the paramedics did not react quickly. Jaden’s condition is still up in the air, and his mother hopes that he will survive.

“He’s undergone surgery already, but he needs several more,” said Dillon-Donald. “He’s not breathing on his own, the machine’s breathing for him.”

Jaden was not the only young shooting victim to pay a visit to Christ Hospital after the holiday festivities. Christian Lyles , 7, was shot in the neck last night on East 85th Street in the Chatham neighborhood.

After spending the night in the hospital Lyles was released earlier Friday and is expected to recover.

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  • Lil Gypsy

    "she drove Jaden to Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn since the paramedics did not react quickly."
    Man, what is WRONG with all of you in the Chicagoland area???? This is heartbreaking.

  • Tired of wa$te

    Prayers go out for little Jaden. Ihope he makes a full recovery, BUT I have one question……. Why was FIVE year old Jaden out after MIDNIGHT. Now his mother should be asking, why didn't I have him home in bed. That is what I don't understand. Had he been in bed where he should have been at midnight, perhaps he'd be safe now. If you are going to have children, then dammit, be responsible for them .

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