The Stanley Cup shares the stage with Jimmy Buffett at Northerly Island

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Hawks’ Patrick Kane and the Stanley Cup made a guest appearance at last night’s Jimmy Buffett concert on the lakefront.

Their arrival on stage was greeted to loud cheers before Kane joined in and performed with Buffett and his band.
Buffett was the first one to perform at the newly expanded and re-done Northerly Island FirstMerit Bank pavilion last night.
The new set-up can now accommodate up to 33,000 people for bigger shows.
The Chicago Park District owns the amphitheater and enlarged the space to generate more revenue.
Some Buffett fans tell us they left early last night, complaining the lawn seats were bad and that people were slipping inĀ  huge puddles of mud.

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  • jon

    The venue has the worst lawn configuration I've ever seen…it's like the planners have never been to a concert in their life. There were no paths to allow the crowd to flow from the front to the back…and the only bathroom location was in the WAAAAYYY back on the entire venue.

    And the lawn itself, turned into a smelly swamp of mud…before you added the people, afterwards, it was just disgusting.

    Total fools running this place.

  • Peggy

    We have enjoyed Jimmy Buffet concerts at Tinley Park, and have always sat on the lawn. But, we didn't have a lawn to sit on at Northerly Island, we had mud,up to our ankles mud,mud,mud. I never saw Jimmy on stage, only on the jumbo tron, and I was only yards away from the front of the lawn area. Besides all the drunks, and pot smokers, and mud, listening (not seeing) a live concert is fun. Never ever will go to this place again.

    • timtraneman

      That was the worst Venue I've ever been to. They really screwed it up when they increase the sixe to hold 20,000 people. I will never go back there!!!

  • jon

    The venue has the worst lawn configuration I've ever seen…it's like the planners have never been to a concert in their life. There were no paths to allow the crowd to flow from the front to the back…and the only bathroom location was in the WAAAAYYY back on the entire venue.

  • Paul

    Jimmy would be a fool to go back there. If he does you know he only cares about the money and not the fans. Please tell the city this is not a WoodStock field. Lawn seats should have a angle to it so water drains and people can see. The traffic flow was even worse, people cannot leave at the same time because they share the same roads. The plus side was the Chicago Police and event staffing handled everything they were handed great.

  • Dan

    Worst concert venue I have ever been to. Lawn section was a muddy mess, obviously because they had to rush to install it before the concert and with all the rain it just wasn't ready. The entire center of the lawn section was empty and everyone had to pack around the edges to keep from sinking into the muck. First concert I have attended that I never saw the performers on stage. Lawn section is flat so I spent all evening looking at the backs of drunken fools and watched to concert on giant screens. Sound system was too small for the venue. Couldn't hear a word Jimmy said and the songs would fade in and out with the wind. Left before his encore and will never come back. The only plus was the free parking at Soldier Field. Stay away from concerts at Northerly Island!! WASTE OF MONEY!

  • Allison

    Worst venue ever! Six to eight inches of thick mud covered a huge portion of the "lawn" seats. No aisles to orient yourself, bathroom situation beyond indefensible–people just started pissing in the mud. Never seen so many angry, hostile Buffett fans in over 20 years of attending his concerts. People began streaming out of the place about an hour into the show. Hopefully Jimmy gets accurate feedback. I don't think I will ever go to another show here again.

    • timtraneman

      I should have went to Indy to see him. At least there or Tinley park you can see the stage where ever you are!!!

  • Margie

    WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS PLACE? We love Jimmy Buffet . We even have a bird named after him . Please for the love of God, don't ever play here again Jimmy. It was horrible in the lawn. I agree this "was " a great venue in the past before the expansion. Not a good place for lawn seats. I actualy think people in the lawn should get their money back, and a GIFT CARD FOR NEW SHOES. Whom ever came up with expandng this place should be forced to stand in the mud, with no view of our beloved Jimmy, stand infront of a beer tent that you can NEVER actualy get a beer from, and walk over three miles trying to get back to your car. Love you Jimmy! GREAT JOB, boneheads WE NOW HATE THIS VENUE!!! ANYTHING TO SELL A TICKET I GUESS!!!

  • Unhappy Parrothead

    It's no surprise that the sod was a mess…consider the complaints of the Chicago Bears and their playing field. The tailgating was the best part of the event despite the fact that even though they host Bears games in these same lots, they didn't have enough porto potties. Then there is the 40 minute walk to the venue with no restrooms along the way. Once in the lawn, try to find the restrooms…they are miles from anywhere. We started to move toward the stage to actually try to get a vantage point of the actual stage and sank in to the mud over our ankles…I'm still trying to scrub the mud off of my feet. My husband almost lost his shoe b/c the mud was so deep and wet that it nearly sucked his shoe off of his foot.

  • Unhappy Parrothead

    Also, nothing like getting hit with a mud caked beach ball. Poor concrete over it and that would be an improvement. I definitely think that we overpaid. 60 dollars to "sit" in the mud and watch jumbo trons…I can do that at home for free…without the mud of course. I was sort of expecting a mess b/c of it being the first concert, but they definitely need to rethink. We left as the encore started b/c we knew we had a 40 minute walk back to the car. My advice…if you want to hear a concert here, don't buy a ticket, just walk to the general area of the concert and listen to it for free outside of the venue.

  • Shan

    This story is wrong…Buffet wasn't the first show at the renovated park…we were at a show there on Friday night to see OAR. We also hated the new setup of the place and probably won't go back.

  • Alan

    Did anyone notice the sewer smell while tromping thru the mud. And I don't care what anyone says, there was no pitch to the ground. That is the flattest place I have been. You wouldn't be able to see even if it was dry! Toyota, Tinley and Klipsch Music Center in Indy are better than this place! Heck put a stage on a street like Oprah did !

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