CPS school closings begin today

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The final bell will ring today at 28 Chicago Public Schools that are scheduled to permanently close.

They will shut down after students leave today, barring any last minute court intervention from at least three lawsuits.

Lawmakers in Springfield could also step in, but that’s not expected to happen.

The board of education voted in May to close 49 elementary schools and a high school program.

The remaining schools on the list will close Monday.

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  • Paul

    The Man who wasn't there.

    Remember the ditty "Yesterday upon the stair I saw a man who wasn't there. He wasn't there again today. I wish that man would go away."?

    In Larry's followup interview with an academic he asked what she thought CPS "should do with the money that its saving (by closing schools).

    Apparently ,whoever wrote the question for Larry (hopefully not himself), hasn't been following the story.

    The CPS is closing schools because it is operating in the red- spending more than it has. The "savings" are a reduction in debt, not cash that can be spent. If these "savings were spent – it would make the school closing pointless.

    That the question was asked, and answered suggest that the academic and actual questioner may be the products of CPS's math "education" program.

    A better question that reporters are afraid to ask is why Karen Lewis is leading a fight against a true merit based pay system.

    If teachers lead by example, what they're teaching students is that what counts in the real world.is attendance, not performance. Kids already know that loyalty to an employer and dedication to a product or process is seldom, if ever, rewarded.

  • Kristy

    Good Morning, I am watching the morning news on WGN. And there was a story about the Chicago School closings. (Which I think is a terrible thing) There was a woman (I did not catch her name) Who stood and spoke her feelings/thoughts about the situation.
    But how dare she/you stand up there and say "A Bunch Of Rich WHITE People on the board decide the fate of these schools."
    Would you have said this if the Board was split between different races? Or if there was a whole African American board? NO.!! How dare you get up there and speak on behalf of children. This was a very racist thing to say. We are ALL equal. I believe there are many people who feel the same way but are afraid to speak up. Please stop using the race card against white americans. We are all here for the same purpose. Freedom

    • Maliseeya

      She has a FREEDOM of speech and she used it. I was shocked that she made that statement but I don't blame her for saying how she truly feels. The "rich white people" that she's referring to don't have their children in Public Schools so they don't know the struggle of these children. Chicago is all about making a dollar. If they want to make a difference by making or saving money…they need to make Sagging illegal. That'll increase the city's revenue tremendously.


    First let's get rid of Karen Lewis. Small mind in a big package. She is not concerned about the children, she is concerned about the union she represents. School closings would not be necessary if the teachers union had not bankrupted our educational program.. Secondly,drop the race card ….most of the empty schools are in minority neighborhoods, but unfortunately we cannot afford to maintain all of them (see above reference re: teachers bankrupting education program).Third, get rid of tenure. What other profession guarantees life time job if they are failing in their job performance. Chicago children are receiving a poor education. Get rid of the old teachers and bring in young teachers with new and improved teaching methods. DOWN WITH CTU!

  • annie k

    My daughter knew Karen Lewis as one of her students and up until the rascist comment I thought I respected her opinion. She does not represent the students. She represesents the union and has no one else to blame.

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