Convicted sex trafficker charged again with same crime

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The first man ever to be convicted in Cook County of sex trafficking has been arrested again for the same crime.

Myrelle Lockett, 20,  is accused of taking an 18-year-old girl from Minnesota to Chicago and planning to force her to work as a prostitute.

Authorities say Lockett first connected with the girl on social media then traveled with his twin brother, Tyrelle, to Minnesota and forced the girl to drive with them back to Chicago.

The twins brought the girl to their father’s home on the South Side, but she was able to escape.

Myrelle and Tyrelle Lockett were both convicted of sex trafficking in 2011.

Their father, Nathan Nicholson, faces indictment for promoting prostitution.

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  • phil

    The whole family are lazy dead beat losers but our justice system will let them go…. it seems you can have 40 arrests and still get off in chicago like the bum who shot that baby and her loser azz dad…. pimps are trash why dont you losers go lick old woman and make your own money hoodrat trash…

  • What?

    Okay, the sad part here is that he is twenty years old and already has been involved with the same crime twice. Our justice system is failing if within two years he was allowed out of jail. Shouldn't there be a higher sentence for this type of crime? Apparently personal property is now worth more than the person themselves. A man gets 50 years in prison for stealing some ribs but hey lets force some women into prostitution and give the offender a couple of years.

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