Weekend violence leaves 41 shot, 7 dead

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

At least 41 people were shot during a violent Father’s Day weekend across the city.

Of those 41 people, seven are dead. One of those incidents was a police involved shooting.

Chicago police shot and killed a man they say ran from a car that was pulled over for a traffic violation in the city’s Lawndale neighborhood near 16th and Springfield.

According to Fraternal Order of Police spokesman, Pat Camden, “A passenger jumped out of the car. The officers started chasing the passenger. They were chasing him down the alley. He fell. They could see as he was running that he had a gun in his belt in his back. As he fell to the ground, he was crawling and reaching for the gun at the same time. At that point the officers opened fire.”

The mother of the victim said her son, Antwon Johnson, ran from the police because he was scared, not because he did anything wrong.
“They didn’t even give him time to stop. No call or anything. They just shot my son in the back,” said the Johnson’s mother Stacy Liberty.

Liberty said she just wants answers and maintains her son is the victim.

“You shot him for no reason. No reason,” Liberty said.

In a separate incident, four men were shot inside of a nightclub at 79th and Ellis in the Grand Crossing neighborhood. Todd Wood, 40, died as a result of his injuries from that shooting when police say someone opened the door to the club and began firing.

In yet another unrelated shooting, 16-year-old Kevin Rivera was killed in the Hermosa neighborhood. Police said someone riding a bicycle shot him in the 4100 block of west North Avenue.

These shootings come on the heels of police officials’ recent claims that crime in the city has been down and neighborhood violence on the decline.

According to Police, all of those incidents are still under investigation. With regard to the shooting at 16th and Springfield, the Independent Police Review Board continues to investigate that case.

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  • Wisconsinite

    Not one word again about anyone in custody fron any of these shootings. Seems there is no conciquence's for shooting anybody in Chcago. With this kind of attitude in your city it's only going to get worse. Good luck to the law abiding citizens of Chicago, have a nice summer

  • Joe Public

    Soon Travel sites will have to identify locations of shootings in Chicago so visitors know where it is not safe, probably easier to just build a wall around Chicago, flood it and have a water park. No intelligen person would bring their family to this armpit of society.

  • Guest

    If your son was scared why did he run….why don't you people grow up and take responsibility for your actions…let me guess..your son was a good boy?

  • Joe mama

    Ha ha ha; I grew up in Chicago and moved away but it is always funny to hear people complain about 500 murders – go look at early 90’s murder rate 800-900 every year; 500 would of been a dream. BRING HOME THE MILITARY HOME AND SAVE THE CITY

  • Dennis Dresden

    I am very familiar with jail. While in jail, I've listened closely to the people in it. Life is a big game to most of them and I often heard people bragging of their criminality and the horrible things they do. Specifically involving shootings and murders. It's like earning stripes to them. But the second that an officer shoots an assailant, the innocent victim cries out. The "hype" is that no one deserves what they got coming and the truth is that everyone gets what they have coming. Anyone that have been down on the streets of Chicago where most of these crimes occur know all well that it is it's own society with no moral rules and very little order. It will never change. New gun laws wouldn't even effect these neighborhoods because they all have guns illegally anyway. Discipline and change can only occur from within the community affected and that just wont happen.