Jesse Jackson Jr: If we both go to prison, I want to go first

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Jesse Jackson Jr. says if both he and his wife are going to prison, he wants to go first.

The former congressman was convicted of looting his campaign of $750,000.

He faces five years in prison at sentencing July 3.

In court filings Monday, his lawyers say Jackson and his family are living on Social Security and his federal pension, which would be suspended once he’s behind bars.

His wife, former Chicago Alderman Sandi Jackson faces up to 18 months on a related tax count.

Prosecutors also filed papers Monday, rejecting the Jacksons pleas for leniency based on their good works as public officials, calling that “doing their jobs.”

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  • anonymous


  • Jesse Jackson

    I'm Jesse Jackson jr and I approve this message I will get less time stole money and still getting paid by the government I'm above all take that middle class

  • Jim

    How admirable "I want to go first"…..such total bullish** from a complete and total fraud. You know damn well that in 5 years his handlers will start pushing the "reformed" jesse jr whose eyes were opened while he spent hard time in prison – he now wants to atone for his past sins and truly work to make lives better for all – and some idiot will appoint him to something. You are a disgrace mr. jackson and I hope the people of Chicago have a long memory.

  • Ridiculous

    Why should they get special treatment? There are other husband and wives that have to serve time at the same time. There are also tons of people in jail that have bipolar disorder. This guy is a lame excuse for a human being along with his father. His father is an ambulance chaser. I think both JJ jr and his wife should serve time at the same time and throw the book at them. If you do the crime, you do the time. JJ jr and JJ sr have the same thing in common, they can't keep their mouths shut or their pants zipped. JJ sr said he is proud of his son because he came forward with what he did…um….No he didn't…he got caught. Ridiculous!!!

  • arubatom

    Gee how gallant "Jr."!! You should have been that gallant with the money you stole, and helped the people who elected you….oh, that's the problem too…"they" elected you even though you were a known crook before you finally got caught. Your family doesn't deserve any special treatment, in fact you should be held to a higher standard…..more time should have been part of both sentences…hope you both enjoy your new friends!!!

  • Shakingmyhead

    In defense of the comment of wanting to go first by jjj, this was not his idea. Originally when the government announced the proposed sentencing, the US attorney office said they wanted jr. to serve his sentence first and then Sandi goes so the children wouldn't be deprived of parents and the samen time. He asking for the reverse. Personally, I don't care who goes first I just want you both to go.

  • Rob

    Going to prison is not a vacation. There should be no choice. Take it like a man and woman. Stop the excuses. If it were anyone else they would be in prison already. Tired of hearing about this already.