Chicago police crack down on West Side gang

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chicago police crack down on a West Side street gang known for violence against people who help the police.

A task force announced the arrests of dozens of gang members yesterday.

The 41 arrests were made under a new state racketeering law.

In all, 23 members of the gang have been charged with racketeering conspiracy, while 18 more face state drug or weapons charges

Police and prosecutors called it “Operation 40-caliber” after the type of gun the gang members allegedly used for seven murders and other violence since the 1990’s.

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  • mark

    How many of those 40 arrested will actually do any time behind bars? This is Crook County and judges will just let them out, at most they'll get probation or the day they spend in lock up while being processed as time considered served. Welcome to Cook County where crime pays and there is no punishment.

    • Mariann Pepitone

      You are so right. The laws for the cops have changed/ Some of them have been put on desk duty for shooting the criminal. I hope Quinn does not get voted in again because he banned the death penalty and Chicago needs it back. We can't put the killers to death they will live out their time in prison eating, playing baseball, watching TV while the victim will never see daylight again. The judges and jurors have made many wrong decisions in their sentencing.

      • renetta strong

        mariann and mark these are black men believe me when i say a slap on the wrist is not an option for black men but rest assure if your white and your victim is black a slap on the wrist is worse than the minor inconvenience brought to these white offenders . in other words guilt or innocence is not an option if blacks guilty is the only words judges and jurors know when the defendant is black.. there reason the death penalty is not in affect is because there w
        there 100 of convicted black men on deathrow until dna came along and exonerated them.. there should not be a death penalty until our courts and judicial system can be trusted to be fair and non bias to citizens of all races and not just the privilege few.

      • renetta strong

        i agree judges and juries do make bad decisions starting with zimmerman and the slews of white men and cops that assassinate black men on site….or lets look back and remember these criminal that should be killed on deathrow within a few years as you put it would have victimized alot of innocent people had it not been for dna…i agree something needs to be done i just dont agree with the way u suppose to do it.

  • david Robinson

    Karma all I got to say! Especially Jeff thompson, god don’t like ugly. And I guess he pull the mask off you!

  • Lee

    Yes it is a waste of time when these same gang members are living in their parents and girlfriends homes committing crimes in the communities. If residence knew who the members are and where they lived. Some of the crime would cease.

    • Mariann Pepitone

      You are right. And their parents and girlfriends know what they are doing. But when they get in trouble with the law for robbing, carjacking or murder the parents are crying their eyes out. Well, all I can say to them if you raised you kids right you wouldn't have this trouble. If the judge would give them several years in prison without parole it might make a change. I definately am for the death penalty and I would state that if I was chosen to be a juror. And women are no better than a man. If they kill they should be put to death also. They get off too easy.

  • Mariann Pepitone

    The problem is with the laws in Chicago. Thugs like these need to be locked up for at least 10 years and those that murder need to be sentenced to life without parole. Quinn put a ban on the death penalty that Chicago had for years. I believe all states should have the death penalty and all killers should be sentenced to death within two years providing they are the actual killer. The laws are too soft on criminals. I remember when Chicago had the electric chair and knew who went to that chair for killings. Some of these judges need to be replaced for making wrong decisions in criminal cases. I am sure these thugs will be out on the street soon.

  • Mariann Pepitone

    I was born and raised in Chicago, started grammar school in 1936 and we didn't have to worry about gang infested neighborhoods at that time. You didn't dare run from the cops when they told you to stop or you were shot in the back no questions asked. Today, their killing the cops. This is what happens when a cop shoots a gang member and sometimes he is taken off duty until it is resolved. Taken off duty for shooting a gang member? The laws have been changed and the rules for the police have been changed. We need to change the laws back to my time again and maybe crime will cut down.

    • renetta strong

      since when did cops become judge and jury i dont know what neighborhood you live in but in my neighborhood i see cops kicking ass and not taking names daily….my mother was walking home with my brother and stopped and searched by male police officers after she'd had a masectomy a few weeks prior,,,,my brother who was on leave was officer in the navy at the time and far from a gang banger. after my mother and brother stopped and allowed them to search with any objection where in they realized my mothers physical situation during the search and then found my brothers naval id their only response was "you should be use to being search you live on the south side if you dont like it then move" no apology after totally humiliating law abiding citizens. thats the problem with law enforcement and this country all black are considered guilty until proven innocent. people always talking about gang bangers when in my neighborhood the officers are the gang bangers. they sell just as many drugs and kill just as many civilians as the so called thugs do…bottom line is don't be so quick to assume that every man killed by cops are gang bangers or that every black man arrested is guilty….i have 2 daughters that i raise in these neighborhoods they are excellent young law abiding citizens and i like you detest crime but what i detest more than criminals is the crimes committed by officers that hide behind their badges….it sickens me

  • Mariann Pepitone

    This is the best comment board I have commented on where we all agree on what should be done with these criminals and what the Cook County will not do. I will be back on this board again if I read more news on these 40 criminals and what the courts did.

  • Marion Hart

    Where is Jesse Jackson jr and Al shapton on this story. Naturally according to them this is racial oriented too. If it was some white gang. They would have a different view. Those are 2 racial leaders. That need to get on there knees and ask God for forgiveness. Then there's the White Priest running his mouth. What is his problem.