Apps, websites for Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is Sunday — did you get your dad a gift? If not, you can gift him app money right from the iTunes store or buy him a Android app gift card from your local Best Buy or Radio Shack.

Here are some apps you can buy dad, or some websites that may give you a Father Day gift idea.


Screen shot from Road Inc.

Road Inc. – Legendary Cars

$9.99 for iPad

If your father is a automobile aficionado, then this app is a must-download for him. With this app, you can have an interactive experience with 50 iconic cars. View them from all angles, read essays and view photos about them. Some cars even have behind-the-driver-seat video and horn sounds.

V1 Golf

$7.99 for iOs and Android

Golfing dads rejoice — this app will help you improve your swing so you’re as good as the pros. Using the V1 Golf app, you can record and compare your swing side-by-side to V1 Golf’s library of Tour Professionals. Sign up for a free account at and store your videos there in an “online locker” so that you can view them later. 

Make sure your dad gets a fresh razor every month with the Dollar Shave Club. Starting at $1 a month, you can send your dad a top notch two-blade, four-blade or six-blade razor. You can also add on extras like shave butter and baby wipes (yes, wipes for gentlemen.)

Your dad will never run out of cool ties to wear with a membership at After he signs up, he can  choose from a selection of FreshNeck’s ties. Then, the ties are shipped to him in the mail. When he’s done with those ties, he ships them back and picks out the next batch of ties he’d like. It’s like Netflix for ties! This service starts at $15 a month.

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