Batavia teacher in 5th Amendment debate ordered to curb remarks

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A social studies teacher at Batavia High School has been ordered to keep his opinions to himself, or risk losing his job.

John Dryden was recently suspended for a day for telling his students they didn’t have to answer a school survey about their own drug and alcohol use.

School administrators say they just wanted to identify students who may need counseling, and it was never about punishing substance abusers.

But Dryden says it’s a massive invasion of privacy.

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  • Barbara

    I'm so glad we chose not to buy our home in Batavia if this is the Orwellian type educatoin they offer.
    Last time I checked we lived in the United States and have rights. Were the parents even notified of this survey? I discussed this with our children who are in middle school and told them to let us know if they were given anything like this.

  • spe

    Its invasion of privacy its up to the parents to figure out whats going on with their child. Teachers are only there to teach.

  • eldedein

    I was always taught that Kindegarten through high schools are not a democracy; they are dictatorship! The teachers are not your friends nor are they your enemies! They are the AUTHORITY! You are there to LEARN and your opinions and views mean nothing, because you are still growing and therefore IGNORANT! Teachers go into the job knowing that they will probably not win any popularity contests; they will be good cop/bad cop not ony with students but with some of the faculty as well. When teachers or senior faculty have to dispense DISCIPLINE, it is not because they want to: THEY HAVE TO…on the count that all other alternatives have been exhausted.
    I feel that these surveys may prevent a potential future alcoholic or drug addict that can become so desperate for a fix that they commit a crime.
    These surveys are not punishment; they are there to help!
    However, I think it should be up to the parents as to whether or not they want their children to disclose such information. After all, it is the parents paying for their children's education, right? RIGHT!