Prosecutors: Send Sandi to prison first, then Jackson Jr.

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Federal prosecutors, in documents filed today, asked a judge to send former Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. and his wife, former Alderman Sandi Jackson, to jail. However, they don’t want to send the Jacksons to prison at the same time.

Since the couple has two children, aged 9 and 13, they suggest that the Jacksons do time behind bars at different times. Prosecutors asked that Jesse Jackson, Jr. be sentenced to four years in prison and that his wife be sentenced to 18 months.

Under the prosecutors’ scenario, Sandi would do her time first. If sentenced to a year and a half, they expect she’d be back with her children on home confinement in a little over a year, if she exhibits good behavior in prison. Then her husband would go in.

Former congressman Jackson was convicted of looting his campaign fund and going on a wild spending spree by purchasing watches, jewelry, vacations and outrageous celebrity memorabilia.

In a 45 page sentencing memo, prosecutors described a “flagrant disregard for the law” on Jackson Jr.’s part and that he “chose to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars despite having advantages in life and financial resources that few possess and that most can only dream of obtaining.”

Sandi Jackson pleaded guilty to failing to report about $600,000 of income to the IRS. Along with the sentence, she’d need to pay $168,000 in restitution.

For her husband, restitution and forfeiture combined would total $1.5 million.

This sentence may cost the couple some of their possessions, like their homes in the South Shore and in Washington, DC.

Sentencing memos from their lawyers were also due today. In his, Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s team asks for a sentence on the low end, pointing to all the good he did in office, the letters of support from constituents, and the fact that he cooperated with the investigation.

Notably blacked out from the memo for all but the judge are references to Jackson, Jr.’s health problems, but the point gets made.

His lawyers stated in the memo, “Mr. Jackson’s severe depression and bipolar disorder require intense ongoing treatment. His mental health may well worsen under the stress of incarceration.”

His lawyers also note no risk of a repeat offense and no victims pleading for justice. They say the Jacksons are just a family looking at enormous consequences for its youngest members.

In the memo, his lawyers said “If Mr. Jackson is sentenced to a lengthy prison term, the effect on his children will be devastating.”

They’ll be sentenced July 3.


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  • anonymous

    BS! If my husband and I did something wrong we would be in jail now and at the same time.Why should they get special treatment? We have a child too and the grandparents would have to step up and help. Thank God we know better than to do something wrong. I hope the judge does the right thing and send them both to jail at the same time. You want to do the crime then you’re going to do the time. Wonder why they thought they wouldn’t get caught…idiots.

  • Geo.

    I agree,, no special treatment,, they should do their time at the same time, I wouldn't get a break and neither would anyone else.

  • kristina

    I would just like to say nobody else’s children are thought about when charged with lesser crimes.its ridiculous. Equality my ass.

  • KCCO

    Make a statment. Set an example for once! The financial penalty must be fair to the crime and not to the tax payer. Chicago has hit the bottom.

  • Joe Public

    Why special treatment for them ?? They should both be sent to prison at the same time. They were both working at the same time and hundreds of miles apart before they got caught with their paws in the cookie jar and someone else must have been watching over their kids so the kids should not be an excuse for special treatment.

  • Jay

    Throw the book at them both! Then go after the leader of this infestation; Jesse Jackass and company! What a joke this gov would be if they actually believe this goof is bi polar.

  • Elbow

    I feel sorry for the Jackson children……they must be so ashamed of having parents that are crooks. That said….the Jacksons do not need or deserve any special favors. It is people like them who are making Illinois the laughing stock of the world….State of Crooks! they both need to go to jail immediately. If JJ Jr imprisonment is delayed, he will move out of the country'1

  • whattim

    I see military families being deployed to protect our country while people are stealing from our country are given special treatment. Talk about people taking care of their own.

  • Irene Leeg

    A a minimum, he should get at least the same amount of time as Blagojovich did. His crimes were far more serious than Rod's in that Jesse Jr. and his reprehensible wife both profited immensely from their crimes. Rod did not gain anything personally from his actions. He was just plain stupid and an egomaniac.

  • Wisconsinite

    How many Illinois politicians sentenced to prison will these two clowns make? They should have to make small rocks out of big rocks, it used to be called hard time. Probably go to some Federal prison resort

  • SooD

    Waaahhh I guess those morons should have thought of the consequences and affects on their kids BEFORE choosing to be law breaking idiots.