Music Lounge: Tarmac Adam

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Tarmac Adam

For more information about the band:


Australia’s Tarmac Adam is the studio creation of songwriter Matt O’Donnell and co-conspirator, multi-instrumentalist Steve Paix. First-incarnated in 2003 when it featured the famed rhythm section of Crowded House, the Tarmac Adam project pricked-up ears in Australia and the US upon its debut. Fast forward ten years, the water under the bridge includes joy and sadness, birth and loss. Now Tarmac Adam is back with twelve new songs that reflect upon life’s journey from the perspective of a sometimes-weary but still expectant traveler.


The endless road vista of the album’s cover reflects its ten year journey, and the name of the band, as Matt explains:

‘Tarmac Adam is our play on the original name for tarmac. But also that sense of ‘Adam’ – the first man, the Everyman – on life’s journey, a journey we all travel.’

The new album, The History Effect, was written and recorded in Melbourne, Australia during a balmy summer of long evenings in the studio. The sound of the new record is fresh yet familiar, layered and lush, featuring tight pop writing with a grown-up sensibility that touches on bittersweet reflection and hopeful longing. O’Donnell’s gentle baritone is accompanied by drone-like guitar tunings, lush vocal harmonies, infectious rhythms and quasi-symphonic textures.

The History Effect is about where we’ve been, and informs us of where we’re going. It’s the road ahead, with the ever-present reflection in the rearview mirror of what we leave behind.If you love to experience an album the way they were meant to be made, this is a journey you’ll take again and again.

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