They’re No Angels

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The Cubs catch the Angels at an interesting time tonight.  They had gotten off to a terrible start, but then won 10 of 12 to get back to respectability before getting swept in a 4-game series over the weekend by…yup, the Houston Astros.

Why are the Angels struggling?  Well, lately, they haven’t been scoring, averaging 2.1 runs per game over their last 7. Their pitching staff also ranks 26th in runs allowed.

I don’t expect Josh Hamilton to finish the season with a .660 OPS, nor do I envision Albert Pujols at .723, but that’s where their 2 superstars are going into this series.

Former Cubs outfielder Todd Hollandsworth joins me for this series as JD is back in Houston attending his daughter Kelly’s high school graduation.

Stay up late with us on WGN tonight!


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1 Comment

  • Bob DeLacy Jr

    LEN-Never assume anything about the Angels.Yes they are struggling.But everytime we boast how well the Cubs are playing they lose two in a roll.Tonights a new ballgame for both teams.I hope the Cubs win,but at the same time I do not take the Angels lightly.Regardless of any team's struggles they can shine at any moment.When you think they are down that's when they get you.GO CUBS tonight.Thanks for listening.

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