Neighbor rescues boy, 3, from pit bull attack

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A 3-year-old boy was attacked by two pit bull dogs on the Chicago’s South Side.

The boy was at his aunt’s home on the 73rd block of South Kingston when the attack happened.

Neighbor Willie Riley, 48, was called to help rescue the boy by a 9-year-old relative.

He says when he got inside the house, the two dogs were trying to pull apart the boy.

Riley chased the dogs away with a stick and carried the boy to a nearby fire station.

The child suffered wounds to his ears, neck, torso and leg.

He was treated at the fire house and transferred to Comer Children’s Hospital.

His injuries are not life threatening and he is expected to be OK.

Riley is being called a hero for risking his life to save the boy.

This is still under investigation. No word if the dogs were removed from the home.

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  • mrstazz

    Again people do not leave a child alone with a dog. Poor dog will take the fall when it should be the parents. No child should be left alone with a dog no matter size or breed.

  • Dr. Gooch Nasty

    but hey, pitbulls are great family pets right?? idiots. remove these dogs from earth immediately. and take all the fools that own them as well and ship them off too.

  • Goat Meat

    What's this I hear…..wait for it….wait for it….ANOTHER pitbull trying to chew a child's face off? Where are all the pit defenders saying that Chihuahua's are just as vicious.

    • LenMe

      Um… right here. Small children should never be left unattended with ANY dog. This is another example of stupid, uneducated, irresponsible dog owners. I happen to have a dachshund who is very playful and loving, but (having been abused) can become extremely aggressive in certain situations. I would NEVER leave him alone with a child. In fact, I put him in another room in a crate on the rare occasion that I do have small children in my home. Adults are given instructions of what NOT to do around him. Know your dog, be responsible.

      • Bob

        You excuse falls flat. Yu admit that your dog was abused and because of that abuse is not to be trusted under certain circumstances.

        Pit Bulls are NATURALLY aggressive- they do not need to be abused to start a vicious attack.

        Big difference.

      • SCMama

        Actually Bob, Pit Bulls are no more "naturally" aggressive than any other breed. You only read about these types of attacks more than others because this breed is the new "in" breed to own. If you do some research back through the decades, you'll find the same thing said about Bloodhounds, German Shephers, Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers, and now Pit Bulls (as they are inaccurately named, by the way).

      • Joe

        Where do you thinkthe term "Pit" comes from? It comes from being bred to fight in a pit against other dogs. Its a bred fighting dog. Bred to have a jaw that locks on its oponent until death. In a PIT!!!!! You have to be a complete idiot not to know these simple facts. They are BRED TO KILL. PIT BULL TERRIOR. Jeez!

      • ban pit bulls

        lol wow yet it seems you don't watch the news . almost 90 % of the deaths this year is pit bulls so please go find facts on these dogs. Pit nutters as your self will say any thing bc you yet to care about the safety of others.

      • Michele

        Thank you. I completely agree!! I compare that to a Beagle who has never hunted beginning to hunt. I witnessed that first hand with my Beagle puppy. I am getting to the point where I do not feel bad don't feel bad for these people when this kind of thing happens. It is just sad that most of the victims are young children who have no say in it. If an adult with no children chooses to have a pit, that is their business. The ones that have on around their child should be jailed, and the dog put down. PERIOD!!!!

  • Victoria

    These dogs need to be banned now! Every week there is a pit bull story hurting or killing someone. The madness needs to stop. Even if they are raised in a loving family they are still capable of turning one of the family members. I read about it all the time.

  • Pitbullmom

    I usually don't respond to these types of stories… I am a pitbull owner, I rescued 2 from a shelter. Lord only knows the abuse they endured before I got to them but when I say they are the most loyal dogs in the world I mean it. Yes, they do get skittish around strangers but wouldn't you if someone had abused you? We don't know the full story here, but with that being said no child should be left alone with dogs running loose in a house. Any type of dog can snap but it really bothers me that people bash on pitbulls so much. I hate to sound ignorant but that's like blaming a black person for a rape/murder just because in "bad" cities those are usually the crimes that get reported to news papers. Ignorance is bliss people don't blame the breed, blame the owners who bring these dogs up to fight then they thrown them out like trash, or simply don't want to take responsibility for their dogs actions.

    • minnie

      oh paleeeeeeez, tell that to one of the hundreds of families that have lost a loved one who was torn apart by these dogs who never showed any agression what so ever. i agree no child should be left alone with any dog but pit bulls are the worst and far out number other dogs in these attacks.

      • Snoopy

        You are wrong. Many breeds are responsible for attacking. And most of the dogs responsible for mauling and killing people are mutts. That would make sense, seeing that mutts make up 50% of the dog population. No official agency tracks attacks by breed, but there are a few highly biased organizations that post stats and make the claim that rottweilers and pit bulls combined are responsible for most attacks. That is simply not true at all, but half witted people tend to believe it. Also, it is half witted people that think because they hear or read something more, that it happens more. These people are complete morons, hence the reason the news prints this gloom and doom. If these half wits desired reading about poodle attacks, the news would print them also, and many half wits would believe all poodles were naturally aggressive. What's funny, is it is ALWAYS the people with little or zero experience on a topic that have it all wrong, yet they think they know it all. Pretty much every single canine expert will tell you that pit bulls are not naturally aggressive, and people that have experience will tell you the same thing. So, do we ignore expertise and experience, and just listen to half wits like you that have no experience? I think not.

      • Sammy D 3

        Dog person my whole life. Grew up afraid of Shepards and Dobes (Nazi dogs), which were used regularly as aggressive guard dogs. Shepards are now family dogs (still hate/scared of Dobes), pit bull seems to have taken the hateful job. IT IS THE PEOPLE! THEY BREED AND TRAIN THESE POOR CREATURES!

  • gill282

    Its not the dogs fault its the owners. I have a Pitt bull and its not aggressive its a sucker its, all about the owner not the dog.Bad owners make this beautiful pittbulls look bad.

  • Bob

    1. Put the dogs down- they are vicious and will attack again.
    2. Arrest the owners of the dogs.
    3. Arrest the parents for putting their kid into a dangerous situation
    4. All Pit Bulls were bred for one reason to start with- to be aggressive. So defending them as harmless lovable is pure bunk.
    5. Loyalty: Yes they are loyal top to you- you are the one who feeds them- so yes they are loyal TO YOU- But anyone else is an open target that needs to be defended against.

    PB owners need to realize the last 2 statements above and stop trying to sugar coat them.

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