Man arrested for having sex with pit bull at city pound

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A Chicago man has been arrested and charged with having sex with a pit bull at the city pound.

Gerardo Perez, 50, was charged with having sexual contact with an animal, a felony, and burglary.

Prosecutors say Perez was part of a group that took a tour of the Chicago Animal Care and Control facility at 2741 S. Western Ave on May 29th.

An employee says Perez broke off from the tour group and was spotted going into a restricted area.   He was told to leave but returned a short time later.

The employee then found Perez in the restricted area, inside a case with the pit bull.    Prosecutors say there were signs Perez had just had sexual contact with the dog. He reportedly made comments to employees that he had done so.

Police officers tracked down Perez at his home last Friday and arrested him.

He appeared in bond court Saturday. His bond was set at $80,000.

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  • Ven

    What the? This is what it has come to? I heard about ppl doing this… but for real? I bet he gets more time in jail, than a person that rapes ppl… please punish him. This made me gag…

  • Maria

    Ohhh…my Lord…once again embarrassed and ashamed of my Latin Race….:(. I have two Cane Corsos and they're just as loved and protected as my two children…If any heartless physco ever harmed either one, i can promise that sicko, that no one would ever know of the disgusting incident ..because I'd take care of him my damn self!!!!! I'm getting tired of our laws.. They're way too lenient for these disturbed criminals…We shouldn't stand or excuse anyone that finds it ok, to harm/abuse, kill our children or conduct animal cruelty…I'm sick of reading about this…WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!!!!

    • Rebecca

      Don't be ashamed of your Latin race. Being Latin had nothing to do with this horrible act. This is mental illness at its worst and mental illness transcends race.

    • Renee Brillant

      PLEASE do not make light of this….if he will rape a dog….do you want him to rape SOMEONE you love? Didn't think so. RAPE is RAPE and it's a VIOLENT act….NOT fodder for your idea of humor!

      • Roots

        Where are your comments "Renee" when kids are getting killed on the streets in Chicago? Over 500 murders and your crying about a dog. SHOWS YOUR PRIORITIES QUITE WELL, EH' "RENEE? You're the one that should check yourself lady. C'mon back crybaby, I'll monitor the page just to stomp on you today..

      • Jen

        Roots, I think you are missing the point here. This thread and story are about animal abuse. If you have a problem with that you should take your concerns to city hall.

      • Roots

        Jen, do you see a dog in the picture above? No, you see a sick person. I don't see a dog in the picture either. Therefore it's also a mental health story, a pictures worth a thousand words. I didn't put that picture there.

  • Renee Brillant

    This is NOT anything to be joking about… all. I hope this waste of skin gets the maximum penaltly!

  • YeremiYAH Ben Israyl

    He is so Disgusting a normal Person would not do this act with a animal he is a demon of the devil.

    • Renee Brillant

      Take your PATHETIC attempt at humor somewhere else. You're disturbed and I'm being kind. Kinder than you probably will ever be.

      • Renee Sucks

        'Bout time the bleeding heart liberals showed up to cry for us. Go play us a tiny violin and weep for us, loser!!

  • cindy porter

    this man is truely a sick person he needs to sit in prison the rest of his life and he should not even be allowed to post a bond keep his ass locked up people

    • Roots

      Seems more like a mental health issue cindy. This stuff happens when deep budget cuts effect society's ability to correct, and medicate the mentally ill. I would expect more of this kind of stuff nationally moving forward.

      • Jen

        Oh please. Definitely a mental health issue. Hate to break it to you but there is no cure for sociopaths and the like. There is no cure for pedophilia. No amount of money will cure what is wrong with this guy and it's a waste of the taxpayers dollars trying to cure him. Lock him up where he belongs.

  • Chris

    This man is sick in the head for doing this to an innocent dog. He needs to be in prison for the rest of his life & be treated like a dog himself! It’s bad enough that there are some animals getting abused but this has got to be the worst.

    • Roots

      Naa, we need to save prison space for the murderers that keep killing needlessly in Chicago. This is a mental health issue and too many people are falling through the cracks and these kind of things will happen as a result. Call your congressman and demand more money for the mentally ill.

  • wisconconman

    kill the sicko….wonder how the rest of his famliy members are better find out the way he looks….this world is out of control!!

  • Renee Brillant

    SO not funny. Animal right activists are going to keep on this one until he gets his due. I truly hope you DO agree with that. This is NO JOKE Harris!

  • Renee Brillant

    Making a joke out of sexually molesting a dog is SICK and if this is your idea of humor….animal right activists are watching and we do NOT find ANY humor in this sick story…..NONE!

  • Renee Brillant

    Wash your TWISTED mind while you're in there will you? This isn't funny. Would you like someone you love to be raped? Didn't think so.

  • darlene

    This is crazy and this man needs some very serious help.Nobody in their right mind would be doing something like this.

    • Roots

      It's obvious, if people could only set their disgust aside and look at the underlying problem, the obvious will surface. Glad you saw that.

  • bob smith

    I am not a bleeding heart lib. Actually I am a hard line conservative. Anyway… But think of it. how screwed up must one be to do such a terrible thing? Not only obsessed with sex but screwed up to the point that you would focus on an animal and "need" an animal to achieve/complete your idea of fulfillment. For all you who hate this guy… and this only applies to Christians… If you really love Jesus first, than for Jesus. pray for this mans soul. Not only his soul but for his mental well being so he can come back to and know the loving forgiveness of christ.