Possible ‘large feline’ spotted in Bloomingdale

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

squad-car-lightsBloomingdale police are telling residents about possible sighting of a “large feline” in the Meacham Grove Forest Preserve, just north of US Rote 20.

A thermal image of what appears to be a large cat was captured by a Chicago Police Department helicopter that was flying over the forest preserve. The helicopter was being used in a missing person’s case.

When Chicago police the image of wild animal in their footage, they turned it over to Bloomingdale authorities. The Bloomingdale police have alerted Department of Natural Resources to help them investigate what the animal might be.

Meanwhile, Bloomingdale policed issued a news release with some recommendations if anyone should ever encounter a wild animal:

  • Avoid walking alone at dawn or dusk
  • Keep a close eye on children and family pets when walking trails in the forest preserve.
  • Never approach, if you do encounter an animal, stop don’t run. Do NO appear timid or play dead.
  • Maintain eye contact. Stand tall. Look bigger by opening a coat and/or raising your arms. Slowly wave your arms and speak loudly and firmly. Throw items at the animal if necessary. Give the animal room to escape and time to move away.
  • In the very rare event of an attack, fight back. most people succeed in driving the animal away.

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  • sammy

    I have family that runs over there, why wouldn’t they show the image? Why and who are they looking for? If anything my money says it was man bear pig. ..

  • megan

    I live right next to Meacham grove… well basically my backyard… sooo I kinda scared… get the damn thing caught

  • guest

    It's true! However I have not received any message from the police department via phone on mail. For that matter the Village of Bloomingdale at all !!!!!

  • Lou

    I saw a big cat like this run across Higgins after I left woodfield mall, going east bound. It ran south to north towards a body of water. I went to and told my wife, she thought I was nuts. This was about two years ago. I saw a pack of coyotes in another neighborhood, and when I called the Police department they said they couldnt do nothing about it, call animal control . Didn’t bother to call anyone. So be careful walking on those trails after , protect yourselves .

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