Midday Fix: Summer camp packing tips from Justine Santaniello

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Justine Santaniello

Justine’s Summer Camp Tips:

Happy and Healthy
Allow your child to be responsible their personal hygiene

New Items to look for:
flips flops with a drainage hole design
cooling towel to protect against dehydration
mosquito repellent bracelets with citronella built in
singing toothbrush timed out to two minutes

Making Bunk Life More Beautiful
Create a space that is organized and personalized

Stackable storage cubes with fun designs, clear hanging closet organizers

Clothing and accessories with camp logos

Small touches! Textured rug, clipable book light, tie-dyed shower caddy

Summer Camp Must-Haves
Pillows! Write-on pillows and new designs like ice cream cones
Pick up clothes with camp logos, fun patches, and unique designs
Luggage with sayings like “Keep Calm and Go To Camp” and “I <3 Camp”
Bring rainy day fun! Magnetic checkers, board games, and a book series

The camp will likely send you a packing list. Use this as your base and add in extras you feel are necessary. Involve your child in the packing and shopping process

Put your camper’s name on everything he or she brings. Also, check the camp policy on electronics. Many camps do not allow campers to bring cell phones, MP3 players, CD players, handheld games or digital cameras.

Get your suitcase and first put the things that they will take out last, or you won’t use very often. Then put in all the clothes. After that, put in the things they will use most, such as sunscreen and toiletries. If you need to pack sheets and blankets try to pack them separately.

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