Showdown in Illinois Senate over concealed carry bills

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

They’re debating in the Illinois State Senate Tuesday on potential limitations to where people can carry concealed firearms.

On Friday, the Illinois House passed a concealed carry bill that Governor Quinn and Senate President John Cullerton quickly denounced, calling it wrong and dangerous.

On Tuesday, during an executive committee hearing, Cullerton will call for a vote on that bill and a different compromise bill to try to gauge whether he has enough support to defeat the Madigan-backed bill.

There are only three days left before this session of the General Assembly ends; however, lawmakers could stay past the scheduled session in order to pass a concealed carry bill.

Some kind of concealed carry law must be enacted buy June 9th, to meet a federal court order.

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  • .45StayAlive

    The only thing missing from the bill as passed by the House is the allowance to carry concealed weapons on public transportation and other public venues. So unfortunately, those that rely on said public transportation will still be victims-in-waiting for the goons that feed on the innocent on the buses and subways of the city. When I see and hear them speak, they seem like reasonably intelligent people… Why can't they get it through their heads that so-called "Gun Free Zones" are really nothing more or less than "Victim Disarmament Zones".

    And it's too bad that this idiot named John Cullerton is trying to water down the bill and eliminate one of its best provisions: the elimination of the useless C(r)ook County so-called "Assault Weapons" ban – a ban that is the mirror image of the Federal so-called "Assault Weapons" ban that research by the Government's own Department of Justice has shown did NOTHING to reduce crime.

    I remember standing in the voting booth when the referendum was first put on the table regarding that stupid C(r)ook County ban. Next to me was an incompetent, elderly lady that needed an assistant to help cast her votes. The assistant read her the proposal to ban a large group of weapons (that statistically are almost never used in crime). The democrat-created manifesto began with the words, "For the safety and health of our children… blah blah blah blah… ban a bunch of evil looking guns" etc. etc. She exclaimed in her feeble, addled voice, "Oh yes, I want to ban those evil guns." I rolled my eyes, thinking to myself she probably just took the first steps toward making a criminal out of herself given the fact that there's a good chance her late husband had a 60 year old M1 Carbine or a 100 year old Browning semi-automatic hunting rifle in the closet.

    I sure hope Madigan and the rest of the sensible people involved have the stamina and tenacity to make sure H.B. 2615 is passed by the Senate and signed by our Dear Leader Quinn.

  • Robert

    It is not correct that a bill MUST be passed. The federal court stipulated that EITHER

    A. IL's legislature pass a carry bill


    B. Illinois' firearm carrying ban would be removed and the law as it stands would still be in place (essentially, constitutionally sanctioned carry of firearms).

  • John

    As an Ohioan with a CCW, this is a good thing for the residents of Illinois. A decade ago, critics of CCW said the State would become the "Wild West" – of course it hasn't – then when they decided that permit holders could carry in establishments that served alcohol (as long as they weren't drinking) – a lot of naysayers – yet no problems resulted. Finally you can go shopping, to dinner, to a park, and worry a bit less about being the victim of a crime. Take the class, and practice, practice, practice.

  • James Smith

    how many criminals are worried about gun laws or gun permits before they do an act of crime. seems like to me, they want the criminal to have the upper hand over law abiding citizens fearing for their lives. The laws are set up in the fashion of who ever has a gun legally or illegally goes to jail if used towards another person. seems like entrapment to me because they allow these companies to make the guns but don't have the laws for you to have and utilize the gun for protection.

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