Illinois Senate wrestles with concealed-carry bill

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Time is running out for Illinois lawmakers to enact a bill granting state residents the right to carry concealed weapons; the state Senate could take a step toward that goal today.

Illinois is the only state that still outlaws concealed-carry; a federal court ordered the state to legalize concealed-carry by June 9th; that’s nine days after the Illinois General Assembly is scheduled to adjourn its spring session.

There are two opposing plans making their way through the legislature; today the Senate Executive Committee meets to vote on them.

One bill was passed by the state House last week with the support of Speaker Michael Madigan; the other is a compromise bill sponsored by Chicago Senator Kwame Raoul.

The Madigan-backed plan goes beyond granting concealed-carry rights, by effectively wiping out local gun ordinances like Chicago’s assault weapons ban.

Monday, dozens of protesters gathered outside Madigan’s office to protest his support of the plan; they said, overturning local gun laws would jeopardize public safety.

State Senate President John Cullerton calls that part of the bill “offensive,” and says it has nothing to do with conceal and carry.

Senator Raoul’s bill overrule local gun laws only when they pertain to the concealed-carry issue.

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  • Joe M

    I hope they do nothing and let constitutional carry take effect. Anyone should be able to carry anything anytime, almost anywhere, that includes safety zones also known as soft target zones.

  • Bob H

    "Monday, dozens of protesters gathered outside Madigan’s" The other reports about the protest said nearly two dozen. The pictures showed more like 14 along with their children. Yet there is no mention of the thousands that have protested in Springfield in support of concealed carry. Odd.

  • Jay

    HMMMM i like how they say that the overturning of the assault weapon ban will endanger the public. Do people not realize that it generally not the legal guns that are the problem? Maybe these criminal woudl think twice knowing that anybody could possibly be carrying a weapon and shoot back, rather than having free reign….. I love how the governments answer to government is more government, maybe the government should back off and let the people step up for htemselves alittle more. Society has gotten weak over the last 50-60 years, there is a total lack of respect from the younger generations, they all feel entitled

  • Martin H T.

    The rights granted us in the constitution are not given to us by the government. the rights were given to us by GOD, and the government is prevented from taking those away from us. Dems always think they can determine which rights we have, but are wrong about that

    What part of “shall not infringe” is unclear….

  • durango05

    I agree the criminals will still get the weapons. It's the good people that will abide by the right to carry laws. I got a simple idea. Give the FOID cards as they are now permitted. Add a period of time (yrs) with 8hrs of gun training after the waiting period fingerprint everyone that wants to carry. So simple but our Illinois politicians need to come up with a way to restrict THE RIGHT!!!!

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