IL House to vote on concealed carry bill today

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Illinois lawmakers in the House could vote today on a proposed concealed carry bill.

The bill passed a House committee Thursday by a vote of 13-3.

The House bill is sponsored by Rep. Brandon Phelps, D-Harrisburg, the legislature’s strongest voice for gun-owner rights. It would put in place a statewide standard for concealed carry that would not allow Chicago or other home-rule communities to enact stricter local laws on where guns could be carried.

House President Mike Madigan is advancing the legislation despite opposition from Governor Pat Quinn, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Senate President John Cullerton.

They oppose the bill saying, it would invalidate strict local gun laws like Chicago’s ban on assault weapons.

Cullerton criticized the House bill as an “NRA dream” because it gives state government “exclusive authority to regulate any matter related to firearms” beyond just concealed carry.

This is one of two bills designed to address a federal appeals court ruling that Chicago must pass a concealed carry law by June 9th.

The Senate bill would put one set of rules in place for most of the state, but in Chicago you would have to get a concealed carry permit from the police department.

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  • No Guns

    You are exactly why we don't need conceal and carry in this state. You can't even spell right. The thought of you carrying a gun in a public place makes me cringe.

    • W. Wallace

      Why are you trying to oppress the illiterate? Don't they have rights too? BTW, concealed carry is going to be here whether you like it or not.

  • Steve

    I personally hope that the gun grabbing liberals block all legislation & go to constitutional carry. That will piss off the liberals in Chicago and block them from restricting were gun owners can carry a firearm for protection. God knows that the CPD is unable to protect anyone from the gangs that have been nothing but a cancer on the streets that needs to be removed.

  • Sally

    A can't imagine what this country will be like in fifty years, though armed camps seem likely. Since there are none who will form an opinion based on the good for the most- a minority, that is growing, is turning life into imprisonment. Sqeaking wheels want no reforms, want no taxes, want no welfare….then the people who need help keep killing each other – and many others, scream bloody murder when restricted.. Even in Tombstone, Arizona, the sheriff made folks check their guns….we could do that! Then when a burglar or rapist is breaking into your space he cannot carry a gun. When you shoot him with your weapon it it okay – you weren't carrying it around ! Don't you love it? So stay out of town you bad guys….all the little houses with their white picket fences are armed. Say it – armed ccamps, just armed camps, then run every last legislator out of town.

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