Maywood teen, home from college, dies after being shot

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A teenager home from college has died after he was shot in the head overnight in Maywood.
19-year-old DeShawn McCarty was shot in the head at 4th and Fillmore late last night.  He was in the back of a car when shots rang out around 11 p.m.

He was taken to the hospital and was on life support until this afternoon when he died.

McCarty is described as a real leader, one of the good kids on the rougher streets of Maywood who tried to stay on the straight and narrow by making sports the focus of his life.

Coach Scottie Ware of Proviso East High School said his former athlete was “a great kid.  I want everyone to know we lost a truly good guy.”

McCarty used to play football, basketball and ran track for the Proviso East Pirates.   He excelled in sports and had a ton of friends. Spuddy, as he was known, stayed focused and stayed out of trouble, according to his friend.

DeShawn was on a full athletic ride at North Dakota State University.

No one is in custody and no description of the gunman or vehicle involved is available.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Maywood police.

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    Man, these thugs don't even wait until dark when the weather warms up. Every person, either walking or driving, are live targets at the worlds largest gun range! Please just send in Armed Forces to fix Chicago's gang, drug, thug and whatever crime problem. Its to far gone for police to handle.

    • Wisconsinite

      The worlds largest gun range does not allow the law abiding citizens the right to carry a firearm. When are tha citizens going to demand the conceal carry right. You guys got to start a movement at the grassroots level and force the issue.

  • sharong4

    I bet he was shooting at someone else. I live in Chicago and I am pretty sure the police don't like the body counts. Makes them look bad. Makes them look like they are not doing their job. NOT!!!!!!!

  • Enrique

    Why go back to the crime infested inner city ghetto? It makes zero sense. College is a safe environment. Stay there. Have the family visit you.

    • Guest

      What college did you go to? Every institution that has hundreds of 18-23 year olds is bound to have its share of crimes. And yes, even shootings.

  • Esco

    So if someone seeks purpose in their life and they want to better themselves they need to die? It's amazing how much jealousy means to some people..

  • Lee

    Maywood isn’t inner city. It’s by Oak Park’s million dollar homes. Compared to the “bad” areas of Chicago-land it’s not bad at all. Random crime? Possibly not.

  • maddmen24

    why do people think cause you in college. people dont gangbang.if i here another story about another innocent victim..chicago is full of them.yeah right

  • Bjean

    If only he had stayed at his college in North Dakota. This city & its surrounding areas is doomed; the thought of summer fills me with dread.

  • Meme

    This sad that you can't even enjoy yourself with someone killing and he was doing something positive when does it end

  • Joe mama

    I lived in maywood in the 1990’s and it breaks my heart every time I turn on WGN and see maywood on there for sum thing other than basketball. First the little baby and now a successful college kid. What is wrong with people? I’m just happy I moved away and my kids don’t have to see this garbage on their doorstep

  • Dale Niewoehner

    He was a student at Dakota College at Bottineau (North Dakota), not North Dakota State University. I am graduate of this college.

  • sharong4

    This makes no sense. The boy was doing good to be cut down by some low life. I don't care where you live, crime is everywhere. It may not be so bad in some area, but ever so ofter you will hear about a crime in your neighborhood or city. Let's not make Chicago seem like the only crime area. True, is is busting, but so are a lot of other states. I have lived in Chicago for 60 years and I am sad to see all the violence. I say it is babies having babies and they don't know how to raise their children. They are growing up with their children and think they are friends instead of being parents.

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