Pit bull shot and killed by police while attacking teen

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A Chicago Police office is being credited with saving the life of a teen who was being attacked by a pit bull today on the south side.

It was the dog’s second attack of the day. The first one alerted 7th District Police, who were looking for it. And it’s a good thing they were.

16-year-old Tyrell Henry was walking to school at Urban Prep, when he says the vicious dog came out of nowhere.  The attack left the teen with 19 staples in his leg.

For 63-year-old Gerald Myers, it was a relentless attack near 60th and South Eggleston earlier in the day, which left him with 11 stitches. The 90-pound pit bull pulled him to the ground and dragged him down the street. Gerald did everything he could think of to fight the dog off.

“He switched legs and got on my right leg.  And that’s when I stuck my fingers in his eyes and he let me go,” he said.

That first attack raised the alarm. A police sergeant set off in search of the animal and found him, still in the area, in the middle of mauling Tyrell. Distracting the dog and getting a clear shot, he quickly shot and killed it. If not for that, the teen says: “I’d probably, like, be dead.”

No word yet on who owned the dog or let it run loose.. Police would like to find out so that person can be charged.





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  • Anonymous

    I highly doubt it was a Pit. It is very unusual for Pit Bulls to be 90+ pounds, as the max. weight is 75. So it must have been a mix or it could have been an American Bully, which some idiotic people seem to call them Pit Bulls a lot. Just saying.

    • BuckWildBlows

      don't be ignorant. next you will say that the max weight for a human is 200 lbs. have some compassion for the innocent victims instead of ASSuming things…

    • Taylor

      I don't think the news is going to just say it's a pit bull because they aren't sure what type of dog it was. Don't be dumb. Dogs can be larger than average ya know

    • Marc Brown

      Look at brave 'Anonymous' coming in pretending to be some kind of expert. Pit bull type dogs come in weights varying from 50 lbs to 150 lbs. Just saying…

  • Another overreaction

    Credited with "saving his life"; look at the picture, he has a small bandage on the tip of his FOOT, and a small bandage on the back of his calf. The other guy also has small bandages on his lower limbs. Hardly "life threatening" locations. The first guy got the dog off simply with an eye poke, so the cop needed to SHOOT the dog to get him to stop? "Distracted the dog?" So, let me get this straight, the dog was in insane attack mode, mauling the second kid, and the cop just "distracted him so the other could get a clean shot"? How'd he distract the dog? Did he go "c'mere boy!" and the dog just let go that easily?

    Dog was probably being taunted by the two, or protecting his property from burglars, and got shot by a gun happy cop.

    • Marc Brown

      These pit nutters are amazing. They aren't happy that this boy was saved before he had life-threatening wounds. But ya know, even if the boy had been mauled to death the pit nutters would be coming in saying 'so what, it's the poor pit bull that's the victim here'. This crowd is truly unbelievable. We need to ban pit bulls — all the pit bull type dogs — so as to take these lethal weapons out of the hands of these nutcases.

  • bobhamiltonchicago

    According to the headline, while the police were attacking the teenager, they shot and killed the pitbull. Even editors don't know how to talk and write, good American no more.

    • A Ticked Teen

      Those were the beginning. Once a Pit Bull begins attacking people, they never stop. They usually use hunting instincts to cripple a target before going in for the kill. That is simply how most predators stop their victims from escaping. So on that note, the guy probably DID save the teen's life.

  • silly2

    This story has a happy ending, imho. Pit bulls are vicious, dangerous time-bombs and should be bred out of existence.

    • Anonymous

      The last comment was me, terribly sorry, I sent the reply to the wrong person. Again, so sorry. But I agree, the owner should have had it on a leash.

    • Brenda

      There are a dozen+ documented lines of human aggressive pit bulls from the dog fighters/breeders. As long as they won fights it was tolerated. Being winners, the owners made big bucks breeding them, and breed them they did. You can just google it and read the massive amount of offspring they sired. But that means nothing, cause lots of game pits that are being forced to live their life as a house pet will react/attack the first live thing they see if they are set free/escape confinement.
      I don't know what you mean "horribly bred"…their genetics are all from the same pool; bred for impulse and sustained aggression. Pre 80s when they were owned almost exclusively by dogfighters, any dog that didn't exhibit these traits strong enough to kill or die trying, were culled. Therefore every pit then was guaranteed game. But that doesn't mean the ones not up to snuff as winners could make suitable house pets in society. Now that they are mass promoted as family dogs, and mass bred, there will be some extremely game and others less. Trouble is, there is no way to know till they exhibit it. There is no test, no evaluation that can test for impulse aggression.

      Now there has never been more labrador attacks. Labradors may bite, but they don't maul. maulings came onto the scene after dog fighting became illegal, and pit bulls got re-promoted as pets. Before that, attacks were rare, a few a year by german shepherd, rottweilers and dobermans. But even through those dogs eras, the 50s-70s, pit bulls killed more people, even though they had not hit the main stream.

      You cannot compare humans that kill and dogs that kill. Humans are not purpose bred to kill; you cannot identify them by appearance to weed them out. A breed of dog can be recognized by appearance, hence dog shows, confirmation. No, we do not want to ban humans from the world because some kill( your intelligence is questioned by this remark) A breed of dog is not of nature. It is man made for mans purposes. It can only exist as long as man controls the dogs breeding. Many breeds man has let died out because their purpose is obsolete, unpopularity, etc..You can not use the word extinct, because a dog breed is not a species. When breeds end, the canine species does not end.

      You will find that most people that comment have done research.

      I can tell your pit is everything to you, I feel from you that he/she is the best thing that happened to you. I think you'll learn a lot about yourself through him/her. I hope he/she will never turn on you, and even though it's the highest rates for dogs doing this, it's still slim by numbers. Anyway if she did, you will still have learned what you need to learn through her, and it would have only to do with genetics, not her "love" (that's a people thing) for you. Just never let her loose, to protect others, him/her, and yourself.

    • Marc Brown

      Leashes don't help with these pit-type dogs. A leashed pit bull type dog bit off a child's face only a few days ago because the pit was strong enough to drag its owner around. A couple months ago, a pit bull dragged its owner in front of an oncoming train. Some other pit dragged its owner into a private yard so as to kill a small dog there.

      The only way a leash helps is if the pit bull also has to be muzzled.

  • GoochBucky

    another day…another vicious pitbull in the news for attacking people without any reason (other than natural instinct). these two people were lucky to survive, others are not so lucky and have been maimed or mauled to death by pitbulls. how idiotic are those who own these killing machines?? when will they learn??

    • Anonymous

      I own a Pit, and that was very offensive.

      Pit Bulls have inherited DOG aggression, if they have human aggression, they were ether trained to do so, or it was horribly bred. They are loyal dogs who will do anything to please their master, so it's not the dogs' fault, it its owner. I agree this dog needed to be killed, I feel bad for the victim, and the owner needs to be charged. But They should not be banned because then another dog is going to attack someone like this, then the whole breed will get banned ect. Humans kill other sometimes, yet do we want to ban humans from this world? Bans don't help, they just make things worse. There are thousands of Pit Bulls here, but only .1% are human aggressive. There have been more Labrador Retriever attacks than Pit Bulls. Do your research before you comment on these things. I've researched this breed for 3 years before getting one from the shelter. My Pit is the greastist thing that's happened. And don't you dare tell me it will turn on me.

  • snarky

    " that was very offensive" LOL

    what i find offensive is idiots who think we should like their stupid choices inflicted on us . ie the type of dawg thats constantly in the news for mauling people and their pets

  • snarky

    i think that pitbull fans have shown themselves to be totally unworthy of the responsibility of owning this breed . country wide bans and its all down to the pitbull owners who didnt live up to their responsibilities .

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