Midday Fix: Healthy home tips from Healthy Housekeeper Laura Dellutri

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Laura Dellutri

A Healthy Home and a Healthy You for Spring

Secret Culprit – Shoes!
Keep the dirt and allergens off the floors. 85% of dirt that comes into the house is brought in from your family’s shoes, dragging in allergens, pollen and more!
Use 6 foot mats to grab the dirt off shoes.

Secret Culprit – The outdoor air!
Pollen and allergens from outdoors get trapped on our clothes and hair and in the nose. Saline nasal spray helps to flush your nasal passages from spring allergens.

Cleaning your nasal passages of any pollens you breathe in outdoors, help an itchy throat and cough.

Secret Culprit – The indoor air!
75% of homes have a fuel burning appliance or other device that gives off carbon monoxide, but only half of homes are protected with a CO alarm. Use an alarm to protect the air you breathe.  And, get rid of dust mites in the indoor air, put stuffed animals in the freezer to kill dust mites and vacuum them with HEPA vac.

Monitor the air you breathe, studies have shown your indoor air quality can be worse than the outdoors.

Secret Culprit – High Touch Area Germs!
When someone in the house is sick, get rid of the germs and do it fast.

Use antibacterial wipes to get rid of the germs quickly on the things everyone touches and then put it in plastic bag.


Keep windows and doors closed during high pollen seasons.

Take a shower and change clothes if you have been outside on a high pollen day.

85% of household dirt comes from the bottom of shoes. Take your shoes off at the door to keep this dirt out of your home.

Wear a face mask when cleaning, especially when stirring up dust.

Purchase a vacuum with a hi-filtration, Micro filtration or HEPA filtration filter.

Wash all bedding in hot water (130 degrees) weekly. Purchase protective covers for pillows and mattresses. This will help kill the dust mites in the bed.

Use HEPA air purifiers that can filter the entire living area of your home.

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