Donald Trump testifies on his own behalf in Chicago trial

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

He’s known for grilling contestants on Celebrity Apprentice and for his catchphrase “you’re fired!”  But today, it was Donald Trump in the hotseat in a Chicago courtroom.

He took the stand in front of a jury in federal court.  Trump is accused of welching on a business deal.  He’s being sued by one of the owners in the city’s now-iconic Trump Tower.  The owner says Trump used his fame to lure investors along with promises he had no intention of keeping.

87-year-old Jackie Goldberg, a real estate investor and mother of four, who holds a masters in accounting and is a current resident of the Trump Tower, also bought two hotel units for about a million a piece.  She put about a half-million down and  now wants that money back, plus damages.  She is accusing Trump of changing the deal.

In court, Trump was at times a bit verbose on the stand as Goldberg’s lawyer worked to tie him directly to the day-to-day decision-making at his properties

Goldberg says promises of profit-sharing were reneged on by Trump’s company after she bought and she’s the victim of a classic bait and switch.  She claims Trump’s fame and real estate success were part of the sales pitch and that trump himself was “the decider.”

Trump’s lawyers are downplaying how hands-on he is at his real estate empire, saying he delegates a lot of the decision-making.

He’s back on the stand tomorrow.

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