Losing to Win: Weight Loss Inspiration

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According to the CDC, 27% of Illinois residents are obese.

If you fall into this category and find yourself needing a little motivation to stick to that weight loss goal, look no further. We caught up with Jen Fite, a Chicagoan who managed to drop 100 pounds in just one year. If that doesn’t have you reaching for your sneakers, we don’t know what will.

Jen credits three main factors in her fite to drop the lbs. Her first method of attack was to keep a food journal. By writing down everything she ate, Jen became aware of what she needed to change, such as what she was putting into her body and when. Nix those nighttime snacks and be sure to applaud yourself when you reach for fruits and veggies instead of that bag of potato chips. Jen says the key is to write down every little bite. Nibble on a brownie in the office? Write it down. If you ate a salad for lunch, get specific. Include things like how much dressing you used and what toppings you added.

Secondly, Jen signed up with Downsize Fitness, a health club here in Chicago that caters to people a minimum of 50 pounds overweight. Jen worked with a trainer to develop a workout routine that fulfilled her needs and hit the gym five days a week for two hours a day, engaging in cardio, weight lifting, and yoga. As always, check with a health care professional to determine the workout regime that’s right for you.

Above all, Jen changed her mentality. Refusing to engage in negative self-talk, Jen focuses on what she likes about her body and makes sure she’s getting enough “me” time. Often, when an individual focuses on their own happiness and well-being, everything else falls into place.

We caught up with Jen’s trainer, Bobbi Kral, to get some more tips on how to lose weight and feel great:

1. Get up and move: small steps like using a bathroom on a different floor at work or parking in the last row of a parking lot can yield big results.
2. Find a great support group: look to family, friends, and trainers for support and motivation.
3. Head to the gym: or the backyard, or around the block. Make an effort to create a workout plan and stick to it!

For more tips on how to lose weight in a healthy manner or on Downsize Fitness, check out these sites and talk to your local health care professional:



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