Knee & Ankle Stabilization: Prevent Injuries!

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Many attribute the pain in their ankles and knees to old age. Often, old age isn’t the culprit as much as weak joints, which can befall people of any age.

Anyone can do knee and ankle stabilization, an important way to avoid pain an injury. The LHC team stopped by On Your Mark gym to ask personal trainer Emily Hutchins about knee and ankle stabilization. She says knee and ankle stabilization is all about making your joints more stable for movements like walking, running, and even getting out of bed in the morning.

Emily says you can prevent injuries like a sprained ankle and even ward off arthritis simply by stretching a joint.  She says standing on one foot is the most basic stabilization exercise. This can be done in line at the grocery store, while waiting at the gas station, or even when you’re home watching your favorite shows (ahem …)

To take it to the next level, Emily recommends the squat. Squats help prevent injury by improving your flexibility, increasing the range of motion in your ankles and knees, and improving balance.  Squats stabilize the knee and ankle by strengthening the hips, thighs, and calf muscles. You can use your own body weight or hold a barbell in front of your body, near your collarbone for added weight.  You can also use dumbbells in each hand near your shoulders to perform the exercise.

When you perform a squat, keep your feet and knees pointing forward with your torso upright. Move slowly and keep your weight distributed evenly and your knees in line with your ankles.  Any type of squat is going to strengthen all the muscles surrounding your knees and will help the mobility in your ankles so you can go about your daily routine with ease.

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