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Controversy at NW Indiana school over punishment of 5-year-old

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
The owner and administrator of Children of the Earth Montessori School in Highland had some explaining to do at a meeting scheduled for parents, Friday night.
This all started last week when a 5-year old student told his parents he was forced to wear a diaper over his clothes at school for “acting like a baby.”
School administrator Alejandra Keefe says a teacher’s aide, who put the diaper on the child, was fired and the lead teacher in the classroom is suspended indefinitely.
“There was no excuse for either of the two teachers present in the classroom at that moment. They made a really bad choice. One person because she did it and the other one because she didn’t stop it,” said Keefe.
The school serves about 50 children, ages 2 to 6.  Keefe says she is investigating whether any other students were disciplined with diapers.

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  • spoolie

    Never to early to trash a childs self esteem so that later in life he ends up in a clock tower on a college campus with a high powered rifle.

    • Anonymous

      The problem is the society we live in today. Adults do not have “rights” over children anymore! It is so easy to fail in the parenting department and blame mentors, educators and media. We see it all the time. Open up your eyes parents! The outcome our children have in life is a product of the way they have been raised. Kids go to daycare and kick, bite, yell and fight. Who’s wrong? The educator? No the poor educator always get the finger pointed at them for putting these kids in line. And what happens at the end of the day? ” My poor kid!” Parents, take responsibility. Stop trying to win a battle on foreign ground because you can’t win the one in your own home.

      • Charlie

        Wrong, citizen. If the discipline is lacking, someone needs to and SHOULD step in and take action. Unfortunately, the story, probably purposefully, omits the real explanation of 'acting like a baby'. Until that point, I support the school people for what was most likely a good lesson for the child AND the parents.

      • Citizen

        Long before a school ever got a hold of me, my parents instilled the fear of God in me. When I went to school I was pleasantly surprised when I had the option of paddle ( back then it was called a burn) or call your parents. Needless to say I took the burn every time. Had my parents (dad especially) been notified of any of my wrong doings, I would certainly have gotten it a lot worse than any school could have ever administered on me. So you see Charlie… I'm not wrong. Sometimes you just have to think a little more about responses. Things are not always black and white, sometimes there's a little grey matter.

      • UrbanDweller

        The problem is that's not happening! I would be wiling to bet that kid's mother has never punished him for anything yet contiues to praise him for everything, hence, him acting like a baby. Plus, punishment is not supposed to be pleasant and a little humiliation has never hurt anyone. Unless parents step up and start becoming parents again we are going to encounter more and more privileged, bratty kids who have no respect for anyone or anything.

    • John

      Back in 1961, the teacher told us kindergartners not to roll in the mud or the snow during recess because she didn't want us sitting in wet clothes all day. So, of course, I didn't listen and sloshed around in the wet snow. So while my pants were in the dryer, the teacher made me wear a big green dress (I'm a guy)! Very humiliating BUT I certainly learned my lesson and now that I'm 57-years-old, I have NEVER entertained the idea of committing mass murder.

  • kirby1414

    Put BOTH of the child's educator's in adult diapers – outside their clothes – and MAKE them wear them – WHERE EVER they go – – for a month…at the school, to meetings- in and out of the school, shopping – ANY where in public.
    Oh – AND fire BOTH of them…they don't deserve to teach children…

  • Jack Bradford

    The kid probably was acting like baby. Kids need to learn early on that there are consequences for their actions. Otherwise they’ll end up convicted felons. They should’ve spanked him, but Lord knows we are too weak as a society to provide proper guidance for our young.

  • Eva

    I Have my two son's in the school and have never had a problem..The parents are making it bigger problem than it really is…The aid made a honest mistake, don't think she meant any harm…she probably did not use the best consequence for the action in today's weak society but what is???
    Im with Jack

    • Beth Woods

      An honest mistake is punishing Little Billy because you thought he took someone's money when you find it on the floor later. Putting a diaper on a child because you think they're "acting like a baby", ridiculing them in the process is bullying and while it can be expected at that age that kids will be cruel and pick on each other, a kid should be able to look to the adults for protection from such bullying.
      In other words, the aid is a grown up and she was the one acting like a baby and should have known better.

    • Parent

      Look into it a little deeper Eva, where you at the meeting on Friday? There was much more accusations dished out than what the article uncovered. Good luck to you and your little one (if they're enrolled here) as for me and mine – good riddance.

  • Nina

    My kids go here too and they love it, and love the teachers involved.
    Jack is right, some kids get no discipline at home and the teachers are left to deal with them.
    This probably wasn't the best type of discipline to give a 5 year old, but I'm sure it wasn't the first thing they tried. Some kids disrupt the whole class day after day, and the good kids are the ones who suffer because all the attention has to be given to the ones who have behavior issues.
    What happened was a mistake, but overall this is a very good school.

      • NIna

        You are absolutely right, they should have just kicked him out. What they did was a very poor decision. But not the end of the world as some moms are making it out to be. I hope their kids don't run into many real issues before the parents learn to loosen up a little.

  • Citizen

    Yes, better we turn a blind eye where our child's welfare is concerned. Let the educators make the decision on what punishment is suitable for them, especially at this age. How convenient is that? No need for parents to be alarmed, let's wait and see how they turn out before we get involved. "Hey, its not my kid causing the problem(s), my kid is merely watching on as the problem child is dealt with" no ripple effect there right? The article sounds like a warning bell to me and where there is smoke… So you should turn a blind eye to this one occasion, as a bad teacher, bad child moment and move on, right? If parents are not concerned with this or any other previous or on going issues with this school or the teachers that teach here, regarding what types of discipline your child is exposed to… well then maybe it's high time you were placed in a diaper and paraded around in public. Shame on you for not having your child's welfare and safety concerns above and beyond any other interest where this matter is concerned.

    • CitzenX

      Sometimes the educators have to be the one's to discipline, because the parents don't. Kids can't run around and be loud and disrupt a classroom where other kids are trying to learn.
      If you're going to leave your kid with a caregiver for 8 hours or more, you have to understand the caregiver must make decisions about that kids discipline.
      Don't blame them if your kid can't behave. If we all teach our children to be respectful, well behaved kids then none of us have to worry. This incident never should have gone this far, a 5 year old should know how to listen and behave.

      • Citizen

        And the decision to put a child in a diaper to be ridiculed and made fun of is a good decision? I don't agree with this type of discipline for a child at any age, let alone at this early developmental period and for that matter, neither do the teachers involved. A time out is fine, removing them from the class is a good thing, talking to the parent about what the next step should be, is to be applauded. It's a Montessorri school, maybe not a good fit for every kid. It doesn't sound like the child/children misbehaved one day and was/were thrown into diapers on the same day, this was probably an ongoing issue. If the head of the school found it abusive enough to remove the instructor from the schoool, then I find it laughable that you still think it's an appropriate punishment? If this is the only method there is to discipline a disruptive (5 year old) child's behavior, then we have failed as a society. Before you go giving teachers full rein on your childs most important developmental years… maybe you should read up a little bit on the basic principals of early cognitive development . Even the armed forces banned this type of treatment on imprisoned and known terrorist (Abu Ghraib ring a bell), but you say its OK for our little ones? Something is definitely wrong with this picture and there is something fundamentally wrong this skewed acceptance a young childs mistreatment by his caregiver.

      • Dar

        I don't see where the above person said this was a good decision?? All they are saying is the school has to be able to discipline the kids, which is true. How can they do their job otherwise? Putting a diaper on the kid is not the proper way, but to say they can't discipline our kids is just as bad.

      • Citizen

        "Caregiver must make decisions about that kids discipline" did I read too much into that sentence?

      • NIna

        Absolutely. What that sentence means is that caregivers need to discipline the children they care for, how they see fit. It doesn't mean this particular decision was a good one. I'd like to see you run a classroom of 15 preschoolers without discipline.

      • Educator/parent

        I'm in a classroom with 25 students and no aide. I have never ridiculed a student. You are confusing discipline with ridiculing.

      • NIna

        Actually I'm not, re-read my comments.
        I said this is the wrong way to discipline. I was replying to someone who said discipline doesn't belong in school and teachers should not be allowed to discipline.

      • Can't find quote

        I re-read too and cant find somebody wrote discipline does not belong ion schools? Please show me so that I can give them a piece of my mind.

      • Admin

        Citizen · 3 days ago

        "Absolutely right, the discipline of ones child should start and end at home."

        and pretty much the entire conversation she has with me, Dar, and spoolie.

      • Citizen

        Which is to say, "if you were in trouble at school for doing something bad or wrong in school, don't think for one minute that it is going to end there kiddo" I explained it in a different thread where I wrote " A time out is fine, removing them from the class is a good thing, talking to the parent about what the next step should be, is to be applauded." no where is no discipline from a caregiver suggested. The down and dirty is, the responsible party was let go. Now what is being done, if anything to ensure this type of ridiculing of a 5 yo stops?

      • Citizen

        Admin, one last thing… look at my response to Charlie in the post nearer the top. I think that too speaks to the discipline question you tried to nail me on. I never said "schools should not be allowed to discipline our children".

      • nina

        See the below comment, he pretty much summed it up. Or, just read any comment by Citizen and you'll find what you're looking for. Now, go ahead, have at her. I'm sure she'd like a little piece of your mind.

      • Citizen

        I do not have the necessary credentials, nor would I choose this as a profession. I am therefore not qualified and in this particular case, neither was the caregiver. Why else would the administrator relive her of her duties? What the sentence means is, the care giver needs to decide what discipline to administe. Does that not require a decision to be Made? And once the said decision is reached can we not make judgement on it, whether or not it was right or wrong? Certainly the caregiver didn't say to herself "this is a bad decision but im going ahead with it anyway" Thanks for the attempted lesson none the less Nina.

      • NIna

        Yes, we can make judgement on it, that's why we're all here right? Isn't that what the comment section is for? Let me break it down a little further for you because you are getting confused. You said teachers should not be able to discipline, and we are saying they must be able to discipline to do their job. No one here is saying the diaper idea was a good one. Understand?

      • Citizen

        Nina my dear, I am truly amused by your replie, I know how hard you must try. I have noticed that they are becoming a bit more heated lately though, I do hope everything is ok in your world? When you have a second, do be a darling and point out to me where I noted in previous threads that, "teachers should not be able to discipline". I would be amazed at that revelation as I don't recall having done so, but if you say i did, then it must be true right? Then do yourself a huge favor and take a long needed rest. Heaven knows you deserve one, Chiao Bella

      • nina

        Actually you're the one who got so upset over a diaper. Bring back bad memories? :)
        As someone else already pointed out above, you said "discipline should start and end in the home". So unless teachers are coming to your home, I'm pretty sure that means teachers are not allowed to discipline.
        I can see that I'm getting to you, but that's not my intention. We are all here to express our opinions, you don't have to agree with mine (or all the other people who disagree with you).

      • Citizen

        Oh ouch that was a real zinger, wasn't expecting you to resort to such tactics. As for the discipline, I replied to them in an earlier post. Yes, it's true you have gotten to me (bore me is more like it), I enjoyed our verbal jousting, but as you say, we are all here to express our opinions. I agree to disagree and hope there is resolution to the inquiry from the news agencies report (which btw, the story has gone viral). The most important thing here are the little ones, Lord knows they're inheriting a screwed world as it is. And, my feeling is…why add more fuel to their fire? Signing off

      • nina

        It's about time. If I would have know this would make you leave I would have pointed out your contradictions a lot sooner….

      • Citizen

        There were no contradictions in my words, and you still still just do not get it. Do be a sport and just let it go. No need need for parting jabs. Just let it go…

      • Nina

        LOL, iI KNEW you'd be back!! It was too good to be true.
        "discipline should start and end in the home" and
        "I never said discipline doesn't belong in school"
        pretty big contradiction there. Don't start arguments you can't back up.

    • Tired teacher

      Side 2…I also teach in situation where kids are in diapers…one 10 year old because he doesn't want to and unstable mom doesn't know what to do. And because he doesn't bring any pull ups in, our taxpayer dollars are spent on some. Student 2 has a mom who insists her student is potty trained and won't allow a pull up. Sometimes the underwear is so bad we have to CUT IT OFF! This is almost a daily occurrence!!! How disgusting is it that we have to TRY to clean the carpets and chairs this child sits on??? I would LOVE to put her in a pull up for the sake of EVERYONE else in the classroom. But I can't. And i will bet my bottom dollar this isn't the first accident the student had. Walk a day in our shoes or have a child in the same room and then comment if bodily fluids are ok!!!

  • Parent/Educator

    She worked with my son and I overlooked some things she did. Later I worked with her. I feel sorry for any child under her care.

    • Erik Bishop

      do you know the name of the teacher and assistant that was fired? My child goes there now and i have a very odd feeling that this teacher may have been hired back.

  • DavidR

    Really people? If this gets you so upset you are NOT going to be able to handle the teenage years.
    Lets go back to the days where we went out to the hallway to get paddled when we didn't listen. We are raising generations of obnoxious brats.

    • Citizen

      That's right David, how about we go even further back to the lopping off of extremities, beheading, blinding and stoning to death as punishment? That will keep the masses in place, right? If they're going to act like thugs at 5 years of age, then we should discipline them as such right? Forget about the retrobution theory as punishment and go directly to the over-all deterrence approach. We don't need "eye for an eye" punishment when we can go directly for one punishment fits all misdeeds, right? You'll raise a well disciplined and controlled nation of zombies before you know it… and isn't that what we all want?

      • John

        Goodness gracious Citizen, David was NOT advocating that we go back to beheadings and stonings! If you're comparing spankings to stonings, you have a distorted view of reality.

      • Citizen

        Chill John I was merely trying to drive a point, point being, where does it all end? If we as parents cant control our own children… then maybe its not the child but the parents themselves that should be in a class?

  • tina duran

    My son was in this poor excuse for a school for 3 months. One day while o was on my way to pick him up I got a frantic call from a parent saying my child went outside with her child when she picked up her son and no one came after him. The boys were 3 at the time were running towards Indianapolis blvd and the other child’s mother was the only person going after them. She kept turning around yelling for help but the aide refused to come out because she was the only one there and didn’t want to be locked out. When I got there I promptly questioned what happend that day and she said my son went out with the other boy and she “couldnt believe that he did that” when I asked her why she didn’t go after him it was then that she told me she was the only one there. I asked her what the plan was had that mom not got my son and returned him safely to school, was she just going to leave me son outside until somebody brought him back, let him get hit by a car or abducted? She had no answer for me and I haven’t stepped foot in that school again. The caregivers are inempt, cold, and I would hardly consider this place a school. I would never recommend this place to anyone, get your kids out while you can!

    • Dar

      Honesty, you should teach your kdis not to run out of school, and especially not to run towards streets. My 1 year old knows better. If the teacher was the only one with the other kids, and the door would lock her out, then what do you expect her to do? Leave all the kids who behave to run after 1 who doesn't? I don't understand this attitude of "cater to my kid no matter what he does and ignore the rest". You should be this angry with your kid then maybe he'd learn his lesson and you won't have this problem with the next school. Lets all start taking responsibility for our kids and their actions.

      • Swayed

        Your little 1 yo has not yet developed the cognitive aspects of the world at large. Your reassurance on what she is capable of should be tempered. You will witness vast change in her in the next few years. Don't take for granted what you thought she knew, above all else. Good luck

  • Concerned

    All child care providers have a responsibility to provide a safe, clean, and nurturing environment for children in their care and to support the children’s healthy growth and development. child care providers must nurture positive social and emotional development, as well as promote early learning. If there is only one staff member available to the mass of children, then is it not the responsibility for that single person to guard that door and be in charge of who comes in and who gets out? I'm curious as to where you draw a line of neglect were the care of ones child is concerned?

    • NIna

      The staff member opens the door for parents to come in and get their child, the parent then gathers their child's things and exits the building. That parent should not let other kids 'run out' as they are leaving. Can we make that parent just a little accountable? Did they think it was ok to let a child run out? And then 'frantically' call that child's parents and blame the teacher??
      The teacher can't be everywhere at once. If they stood and guarded the door all day you'd say they were neglecting the class, so they can't win. I agree with the rest of your comment.

      • Blind faith

        If you want to call it "neglect" manning the door when there is a knock, then so be it. Is there so much traffic in/ out the door that someone needs to be posted 24/7? Besides if there is only one person watching all of the children is any teaching really going on? Sounds to me like its the end of the day and the lone persons only responsibilities are to make sure the kids are safe and to watch who comes in and goes out the door. To say anybody else is being negligent here is absurd. Think about this scenario, Mom comes by to pick up little Timmy, Mom has her arms full with baby Susie, so as littleTimmy is released from school Mom is busy putting baby Susie in her car seat. All the while little Timmy is lagging behind and his buddy little Billy rushes to the door to tell his buddy one last thing. With mom being distracted with Susie she has no idea Billy is outside. Timmy being a big boy gets inside the car and buckles himself in as he waves good- bye to Timmy. Mom proceeds to drive away narrowly missing backing over little Timmy. Who is to blame in this very real life scenario Nina? is the frantic over burdened Mom to blame? Or should the school you pay and entrust with your child's safety and well being be to blame? Life's tough decision don't seem all that tough when they are laid out in front of you.

      • NIna

        Nice scenario, but the door is locked, little Timmy can't just run up to it and open it. If you understood how this school worked you could make more intelligent comments.
        A teacher lets parents in when they come to pick up their child, then goes back to do her job.
        When the parent is ready to leave, she opens the door for her kid and leaves. So she can open the door and let herself and her child out, but she can't make sure she doesn't let other random kids out?? How lazy is that? Hopefully you're not passing on this attitude of "not my problem' to your kids.

      • Parent

        I have witnessed first hand where the educator leaves once the parent is in the door. I could very easily see here the above scenario happens, maybe not in Nina's rose colored world.

      • nina

        My world must be rose colored, because I could not imagine being so lazy as to not look as I walk out the door, to make sure a child doesn't go out on his own. And I am amazed by some of the posters here who are so full of hate and can't seem to take one bit of responsibility. I'm SO happy for my rose colored world, you can go back to your miserable life.

      • Concerned Mom

        Nina you have all the answers don't you? Well in this case you are dead wrong. This just so happened the other day while I was picking up my child, in fact there were 3 adults picking there children up at the same time when a student wandered out of the school, we all thought he was with the other parent, it wasn't until my husband honked his horn that we were alerted to it at all. You seem to be seeped pretty high on that horse of yours. Maybe it's time you loosened the reins a bit and heard what others were saying. You can't possibly be that gullible and naive?

      • Blind faith

        That's right Nina you are the only intelligent person writing posts here. The rest of us are mere dummies in your shadow. Get over yourself and your condescending tone, who do you think you are? No need to answer, it's apparent to many of us.

  • Educator/parent

    Nina, The parent who is picking up their child is not responsible for the other students. It is the "school" that is ultimately responsible for the safety of all students in the "school". To say the parent is responsible for other children is absurd. The "school" needs to provide enough/adequate coverage for the school. That is also their responsibility! Stop blaming the students and parents. This "school" needs to accept the responsibility and consequences. Is the school accredited through the American MOntessori Society? Parents should look into that.

    • NIna

      What does accreditation have to do with anything? IT"S PRESCHOOL, NOT A COLLEGE, get over yourself.
      And yes, if someone is opening a door, it is their responsibility to make sure they don't let kids run out without supervision, whether they are a parent or a teacher. Your view on this a really scary one.

      • Educator/parent

        Montessori philosophy is very different from traditional schools and daycare centers. The school advertises or leads one to believe that it is accredited and follows the Montessori philosophy!!! Your response indicates that you are taking this very personally! Despite what you reply I still contend it is the RESPONSIBILITY of "business" to ensure the safety, among other thingsof the students. :) Have a nice day, Nina.

      • NIna

        My comment indicates that I think it is hilarious that anyone would be worried about a preschool being accredited. Do you think the school doesn't follow the montessori philosophy just because they don't have a piece of paper saying they're accredited? Are you worried about you're 4 year old's resume? The ignorance here is shocking.

      • Educator/parent

        I don't think Maria Montessori would agree that placing a nearly 6 yo in diapers because he is acting like a baby. So, no. The school is not following the philosophy. Some people seek out Montessori schools and if the sign says 'MONTESSORI" it should be accredited. You are very amusing Nina, LOL.

      • Get Over It

        You assume because the sign says montessori that the school is accredited??
        You are the amusing one. Accreditation is a option, it's not required. Next time ask before you enroll if this is so important to you.

      • Tanvi

        Where do they advertise or lead you to believe they are accredited? I haven't see that posted anywhere.

      • Mother of 2

        Accreditation has everything to do with it, it's the reason you enroll your child into the program.

      • sick of nina

        Accreditation, or affiliation, either way. It means that they are a Montessori school that follows those teaching theories. Well, that’s what its supposed to mean.

      • Admin

        Exactly, and if you've ever been to this school you will see that they do follow montessori teaching theories. And that's what should matter right?

      • nina

        That's what I'm saying, thank you for agreeing with me. A piece of paper saying they are accredited is not gong to change anything, it will still be the same teachers teaching the same way.

      • Parent/Educator

        Making a 6 year old wear a diaper because he's "acting like a baby" is NOT Montessori Practice.!

  • cgrier5

    Sounds to me like the kid got off easy. When I was going to school, I would have rather taken that than what I got. Being born and raised and still living in the South, I guess I see discipline differently. He was being punished for KICKING another student. Instead of the diaper punishment, he should have gotten his ass tore up and sent back to class. This is what's wrong with America today, we have panzee parents who do not belive in firm discipline and our couuntry has gotten away from our Christian foundation. Parents, you are doing your children a favor by tearing their butt up and sending them on their way. Trust me.

  • mk2002

    The thing is, WHY was the kid "acting like a baby?" Was this a constant problem with the child? Did the child just not feel good that day? All kids, when they feel bad (feeling sick, headache, etc.) tend to "act babyish." Adults do, too, when they are sick. Perhaps he didn't have a fever, so mom / dad brought him to school anyway. Too many details missing.

    • NIna

      Exactly, people are making a big deal of this and don't even have all the details.
      If it was the kid I heard it was, I'm sure he acts up every minute of every day. I was on a field trip with him and I just could not believe his parents sent him without a chaperone. One of the teachers had to focus all of her attention on him and he still didn't behave. These teachers were probably at the end of their rope with him, and it was either strangle him or put a diaper on him.

      • It's me

        Well, sounds like you belong there. Where did you get your PHD? . Ask your kids about dark time outs and being threatened to be sent to the basement. It is a big deal, and I feel sorry for you, that you can't even stand up for a child. you are aware that it was more than one child was forced to wear a diaper? you are aware that mastery of bowel and bladder is considered an important stage of Development? You are aware that keefe agreed it was wrong in the interview? are you aware that you are an idiot for talking about that child like that? Shame on you. go read a book.

      • NIna

        Are you aware that I also agreed it was wrong? Start at the top of the comments and work your way down, then you'll have better understanding.
        And yes I heard all about the 'dark time outs' and other accusations. I did ask my kids, and I know 4 other mothers who asked their kids, and none of them had a clue about it.
        What we heard was that it was one of the parents threatening their kids, and that parent didn't like that the kids started to talk about it at school and raise red flags. My kids are just fine, don't you worry. They will grow up to be respectful, mature, responsible adults because they know discipline.
        Get your facts straight before you try acting like a bully yourself.

      • It's me

        You shouldn't be talking about strangling a child, and then call me a bully. My facts are straight, lets agree to allow DCFS and the Indiana Attorney General decide. You may want to be looking for child care alternatives. Really, I wish you and yours only the best, and a peaceful happy childhood for all of them.

      • NIna

        I didn't say they did strangle a child, or that I did, so no need for DCFS. Again you're not reading correctly. And no, my kids are perfectly happy right where they are. None of us are trying to tell you to keep your kids in this school, so please don't tell us what to do.
        Most of the parents at this school think this whole thing is silly, and I know that drives you crazy. We can't go changing schools every time a child get their feelings hurt.
        Are you aware that structure and stability are very important to a childs development??

      • NIna

        While I'm reading my book, read your own comment before you post it, so you don't look like a dyslexic idiot yourself, since you like to call names like a 3 year old.

      • Lemming

        You spoke to 4 others and came to the conclusion that all is well in The class. This is your child's safety and well being you're talking about. We'll keep this our little secret, don't tell anyone.

      • NIna

        Yes I spoke to 4 mothers I respect and have the same viewpoint as I do. I'm not going to call up every whacko mother and make my decision based on their distorted view of reality. I'll make my choices for my kids and you make yours, you don't see me telling you what to do. Why does it upset you so much that most people could care less about this incident? Take your kid out of the school and move along with your life.

      • Lemming

        According to the many posts you have left, it appears that you care deeply. And that is not a bad thing Nina. I just hope for yours and your child's sake that you are right. If you are proven wrong, then may the man upstairs forgive you. Have a nice day.

      • Educator/parent

        If the school couldn't handle the child, the Administrator SHOULD HAVE discussed it with the parent and decided that the school/Montessori philosophy wasn't the right place for him. That's the mature and responsible action to take, not ridiculing the child. But then again, if the Administrator is only interested in $$$$ they'd do what they did!

      • NIna

        OR the parent could come to that same conclusion. Do you think the parent had no idea how their child behaved? It's really sad how you think parents should be held unaccountable.

  • Joe

    I was founder and administrator of two Day Care Centers spanning a total 30 years. I those thirty years I observed the complete loss of control by parents over their children. Maybe 20% of the parents still had control but in the main small children are out of control. In fact, the kids did better while in our center than they did with their parents. One incident reveals what I am saying. A parent was being given the lengthy behavior report on her child when she picked him up….She said, "I don't know why you can't control him." As she said this the four year old boy was kicking her leg really hard repeatedly demanding that they leave. So much for that.

  • Admin

    I cannot believe some of you are making such a big deal out of this. Please don't ever bring your children to Chicago schools….for your sake and ours.
    Kudos to all the posters on here who actually care how their children turn out, and dare to discipline.
    I have seen first hand that your children will turn out to be much better adults.

    • Homer

      You're going to come on here and compare us with Chicago schools? That's not even a fair fight, do yourself a favor and but out of this one Admin.

  • Grandma

    "The Mission of our School

    Children of the Earth Montessori School LLC is a diverse, cooperative learning community that uses
    the Montessori philosophy of education to cultivate each child’s character and uniqueness, helping to
    reach his or her greatest potential with confidence and joy. Based on a foundation of respect for self
    and others and strongly emphasizing on cultural and nature appreciation, we seek to provide a
    supportive and nurturing environment as we direct children to become well balanced individuals.

  • Paul

    It seems as though most of the people who are so bothered by this are the same person, posting under different names. They all have the same snotty, defensive attitude. And I find it hard to believe that so many people would make such a big deal about this…..
    Lets focus on the important news, there are much bigger issues out there.

  • Martha

    I was present at the meeting that took place on Friday and I have to say that I was appalled at the behavior and vocabulary of some of these parents. Some of the "gentleman" there were quite disrespectful to Miss Alejandra, which spoke volumes as well ( I wonder what goes on behind closed doors in their homes). I spoke to some of my friends who are teachers and they all stated that there is a HUGE problem or trend and that is that the parents these days (some of them) want to be friends with their kid(s) rather than the parent. And that these same parents instead of working with the teacher work against them, therefore valuable time is wasted on nonsense and drama. I trust the school and the educators, and I hope that the parents of the child decide on homeschooling.