Get growing with these gardening apps

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My Grandma Phyllis, who comes from a family of farmers, says the best time to plant your garden is after Mother’s Day. The reason? There’s usually no frost after that date, and frost, obviously, can ruin your garden. My grandma is so wise.

So, it’s the perfect time to do a segment on gardening apps! There’s a bunch of them out there. Here are some of my favorites.

Garden Pro HD
$3.99 for iOs
With over 7,000 plants in this growing guide, Garden Pro HD is one of the most affordable and comprehensive gardening app out there. Garden Pro provides the ideal soil, light and watering required for each plant it lists, and gives gardeners the option to track their garden’s progress and make to-do lists right in the app!

flowerSprout it
Web-based app, Free
Gardening apps are expensive! So, I was delighted to find out about Sprout it, a web-based app “cultivated” by MiracleGrow, Just punch in your zip code, and Sprout it will tell you what vegetables and herbs will grow best in your area. It will also help you track you garden’s progress and inspire you with some gardening ideas, like the Salsa Garden — someone get me a bag of chips, please!

Harvest – Select the Best Produce
$1.99 for iOs

Once your garden get going, it will be time to harvest the goods. And that’s where this app comes in. “Harvest” will help give you tips and tricks for identifying when your vegetables are ripe and how to store them. If you garden’s a bust and have to shop at your local market instead, this app will tell you which produce comes in contact with the most pesticides.

Garden Bugs
99 cents for iOs and Android

This app will help you identify which insects are good for plants and which ones aren’t! It has an extensive list of insects as well as lists of plant diseases, plus advice on treatment.

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