Cook County sheriff proposes concealed carry ordinance

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart is concerned lawmakers in Springfield won’t meet a deadline to pass a concealed carry law in Illinois.  So, he’s proposing his own.

Dart’s proposal would give him the power to approve or deny licenses to carry concealed guns in Cook County. Applicants would also pay a $300 fee for a license.

He says it would only go into effect, if state lawmakers fail to reach an agreement.

The General Assembly has been locked in a stalemate since an appeals court ruled Illinois’ concealed carry ban was unconstitutional.

If no legislation is passed by June 9, concealed carry will go into effect in Illinois without any regulations.

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  • plumberdanahs

    Only in Crook County and the City of Chicago, will you find this kind of Constitutional Violators. Tom Dart can not find anywhere to put the criminals that he needs to lock-up…because the Cook County Jail is full, with 10,000 inmates. Yet, he still wants to play games with law abiding citizens lives by denying them their Constitutional Right to Bear Arms. 49 State have Conceal Carry and there is not one case of "Wild West" shootings going on. In Chicago currently, there are "Wild West" shootings going on daily! The Sheriff is unable to bring law and order to his County, he should be replaced and the citizens should be able to protect themselves.

    • I.C. Idiots

      That's the dumbest reason I have ever heard. No, idiot, other people are killed by guns in cities other than Chicago. Do a little bit of research before making yourself sound so stupid.

      • Potkettleblack

        It's pretty fun to sit on a website all day and troll on people's misspellings and opinions when you've got nothing better to do with your day. Why don't you take your own advice and bring something to the table except your excellent grammar and spelling knowledge. This is an article about a law enforcement officer trying to create legislation which is WAY out of his jurisdiction (just for you, pun intended).

  • F. Ecks

    Under WHAT authority? We're not under Martial Law so someone PLEASE tell me under what authority can a Sheriff MAKE LAWS???

    Personally I'm waiting for The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Board of Commissioners Concealed Carry plan! It'll be just as lawful as Darts…!

  • johnny boy

    "He says it would only go into effect, if state lawmakers fail to reach an agreement"
    If the state fails to reach an agreement we have a law, Sheriff Barney Fife, it's called 'constitutional carry'. And no, we dont need to contribute $300 (non-refundable I'm sure) to your reelection campaign just so you have the privilige of telling us 'no'.
    Dart is a moron.
    Cook County is moronic.

  • Bjean

    If you can't afford the $300 'fee', then essentially you are stripped of your constitutional rights?
    Talk about disenfranchising the law abiding citizens!! It is too much work to make voters show IDs, but it isn't too much trouble to try to make citizens PAY for what is their basic right!!

  • JOE


  • Wayne

    Dear Media,

    Please stop reporting misleading statements such as “without regulation.” This is an inappropriate representation of the facts.

  • Joey

    Why doesn't the state look at the Utah CCW permit program? It works there!! The criminals who get their guns and ammo don't go through the proper channels as the law abiding citizen. Face it the state could generate income, the State Police would have record by finger printing, the guns are registered by legal gun shops, business has the right to deny entry, plus all state, private and public locations as well. All law abiding citizens would be in a data base. WOW what a revelation. LOOK AT WHAT WORKS. EXPERIENCE IS A GREAT TEACHER.

  • Mike

    2 things amused me in the video. 1st all the guns on the table were rifles. Rifles are used so seldom in crimes because they are just to big and bulky to carry around.

    2nd, and most ammusing to me, was the rifle the focused on a few times. It was a little 22LR Ruger 10/22 in a Tatical Solutions stock. It looked all bad and evil for sure. But anyone who knows anything about guns knows the 22LR is one of the weakest rounds there is. Not going to do much damage in a crime except piss off the victim.

    3rd, and also do a little research on the "Wild West" before using it as a reference. The Wild West was pretty lame af far as shoot outs were concerned. It simply just didn't happen that much at all. It was nothing like what we see in the movies.


    • What the

      Good eye. We're supposed to quickly see what's on the table and pee in our pants. At least that's what they hope. Not me, I look close and look for mistakes too, we all should.

    • Jeff

      Don't play cook county…they got the cops and prosecutors to make your life hell …… ain't got the money or politics to fight when they are on your case and want your rights

  • What the

    And the laughs keep coming. Does he even listen to what he's saying? He's a complete moron. Of course it sounds better with the ca-ching $300.00, which is probably why the idiots in Springfield are so confused, they can't figure how to make their money off CC, but they will for sure.

    Tomorrow will here the support for this moron from Toni Buttwrinkle and the usual brainless commissioners, Big Deb Sims, Wrinkles Murphy (by the way I don't want to go to your golf outting-TAKE ME OFF YOUR EXTORTION LIST), Clueless Earlean Collins and Hayzoose Garcia. All squalking, all waving their arms – on queue.

  • savintaggart

    "Dart’s proposal would give him the power to approve or deny licenses to carry concealed guns in Cook County. Applicants would also pay a $300 fee for a license."

    In other words: if you are rich and well connected, NO PROBLEM!
    "Poor" (Make under $100,000 a year)? DENIED!
    That's is how it works in New York and California.

  • Child_Puhleez

    I hope it passes. Can't wait. Sick of all these scumbag / home-grown terrorists thinking they run this sorry-ass city. The gun ban was a joke and entirely too many lives have been lost to finally realize the obvious. smh

  • tony

    Don't worry Tommy Fart they will pass something before the deadline – the state wants in our pocket more than you do.

  • Mike

    What the hell is this bullshit? A $300 permit? Are they going to make it renewable every year too? When this state goes to constitutional carry next month the people in this state won't have to pay anything to anyone to carry their weapon. Yeah he's a Sheriff but he enforces the laws of the state and county he has jurisdiction over, he does not enact new laws.

  • MisterBob

    I'm sorry, in what capacity does the Sheriff of a county also MAKE law that he is otherwise charged with enforcing? He can certainly PROPOSE new laws or ordinances, but he can in no way simply decide this is the way it is and begin enforcement…unless of course he prefers to be sued out of his fleece.

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