Pace expands bus-on-the-shoulder service

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Pace has added more buses to the popular bus-on-the-shoulder express service.

Special express buses travel on the shoulders of the Stevenson Expressway during designated times.

Beginning today, riders will have more options to use the rush-hour service from the Southwest suburbs to downtown Chicago and the Near West Side.

Pace officials began the service in 2011 and they have had such success they added additional trips.

A special later evening trip on Route 755 also will be added, serving Metra Heritage Corridor stations on an on-demand basis, Pace said.

Changes to stops during the evening rush are expected to reduce travel times as well.

Service changes for Route 755 include a doubling of the number of rush-hour trips from two to four in each direction.

The route runs from Plainfield and Bolingbrook to the Illinois Medical District and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

A new, midday round trip and a late evening trip have been added to shuttle passengers to the Pace Old Chicago Park-n-Ride in Bolingbrook.

Stops are made upon request at the Metra Heritage Corridor stations in Lemont and Lockport and at Joliet Union Station.

Reverse commute trips heading outbound during the morning rush and inbound during the evening rush will be eliminated due to low ridership.

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  • What the

    If it's so good, why isn't traffic moving along smoother? Why is traffic still so bad? It should be smoother except for the fact that when there are stalled cars in this privilage lane the bus just flips on the turning signal and cuts off all the traffic WAS moving smoothly in the left lane, causing hundreds of cars to hit the brakes.

    People can't see who's in those deluxe buses because they are so high and the windows are tinted. My guess, not to many given where they dump people off in the middle of nowhere's southwest side.

  • pagan69

    The shoulder is the traditional Dump Zone for all the road debris. Won't take long before we see one of these crowd killers taking out a bunch of passengers and the state get stuck with the lawsuit.

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