CFD letting women reapply after legal settlement

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Chicago Fire Department is reopening its doors to a group of women who were denied jobs several years ago.

187 women passed the written test in 2006, but they failed the physical abilities test.

They then filed a federal class-action lawsuit on the grounds that the test failed a majority of women unfairly.

The suit claims the test was not fair to women because it placed too much emphasis on strength rather than firefighting skills.

The city decided to settle the lawsuit, so now 138 women have the option to reapply.

Initial processingĀ  is taking place Monday morning at the Chicago Fire Department Academy South in the South Loop.

Candidates will get to take the Candidate Physical Ability Test, which was developed by the International Association of Firefighters.

Those who pass will be given first priority in the next two graduation classes.

The women who are not granted jobs, are ineligible, orĀ  no longer want to apply, will share about $2 million in damages.

A representative for the Chicago Fire Department could not be reached for comment.

The settlement still needs to go before the City Council for approval.

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  • keeping real

    well let also lower the write exam as well!!!! let's lower standers for everybody!!! that make me safe knowing someone not capable of doing their job!!!

  • Photomama

    This is such a joke! As a former woman fire fighter I wouldn't want them to lower their standards! If I couldn't pass the test then I don't deserve the job!

  • Tired of the Morons

    Reminds a person of just like the firefighters that were too stupid to pass the fire exam. Poor me, it's unfair. Now we use the court system to fix weakness and stupidity.

  • Get Real

    These women are not being handed the job! What people need to understand is these women MUST pass the Candidate Physical Abilities Test in order to continue the process. Look up the video it is not that easy. Plus, the news is failing to report that the other prior applicants (male) who failed the Physical Abilities Test are being given a second chance in the process and asked to do the CPAT as well. So, enough with the comments about lowering the standards and saying a woman can't carry someone out of burning building. Standards are not being lowered and being a firefighter is working as a team. Once these women get into the academy they will be trained to do the skills necessary to be a successful firefighter. Quite frankly, today there are a number of firefighters who wouldn't be able to carry someone out of a burning building. Good luck to all in the process!

  • Been had

    Then why were the men not invited to the academy today, Get Real? I think you made the bit about the men up.

  • Get Real

    The week is not over it is just getting started; the men will be process May 7th-13th and other women who could not make it today. Not sure if it is at the location they were at today but I would assume so. You think they would only process people on one day!? If you don't believe me set up shop there and see for yourself. Or I'll make it easier for you….google: chicago fire department 2006 applicants discussion and click on the first link and look at the last few pages of posts. The fire department needs more firefighters in general and not just the women are being given a chance.

  • SPE

    This is a quick way to make money by trying to file a federal class-action lawsuit on the grounds that the test failed, seriously!

  • Been had

    Thanks for the link, Get Real. I assume then that the men who didn't pass the first time and getting a second will also share in the 2 million dollars? I mean, wouldn't that be discriminatory not to?

  • Holding the Bag

    Please consider following up on your story, giving mention to the women who PASSED the physical and have not yet been given a job by the CFD. We are not eligible for the settlement and we have to retest along with those who failed. Assuming we pass again and eventually get hired, no one will know that we did pass the original physical and have every right to be there, as much as any man who passed the physical. Instead, we will be forever lumped in with the women who failed. And that is best case scenario. What if we fail this new CPAT and find ourselves out of the applicant pool and out of the settlement pool? Or what if we have "aged" out? How is this fair?

    Please consider looking into this for WGN.

    Thank you.

  • Women Rock!

    Congratulations to these women who have the courage to fight for equality. The fact that there are anonymous comments shows that these men don’t have the courage that these women have displayed. Oops I’m bad, maybe it was because he couldn’t write or spell. Somewhere along the line the standard of education must have been lowered . Lol.

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