Jesse Jackson Junior’s illness could cut sentence

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Sun Times reports Jesse Jackson Junior’s attorneys are likely to ask for a reduced sentence, due to his bipolar disorder.

The paper says it’s a common tactic during sentencing.

Former governors Rod Blagojevich and George Ryan both had time shaved off their sentences, because of health problems.

But the US attorney in Washington says Jackson’s misuse of campaign funds was clearly not the result of mental illness.


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  • Ismael

    This bi polar disorder showed up only after He was under investigation. There is nothing wrong with this man. Send him to jail with a maximum sentence. He is trying to weasel out of a long sentence, just match Blago's sentence and send Him to the same jail. They will have plenty to talk about.

    • Marty

      This is the true story. Jesse Jr knew of the incident and the investigaion and then the illness started. He is a scared lttle brat that Dad is calling in his favors so the family can enjoy all of that uncounted cash!

  • anonymous

    like we didn’t see this one coming. i cannot believe people fall for this crap. he is a spoiled brat and i cannot understand where these idiots don’t think they aren’t going to get caught!!! they keep doing it because they all get a slap on the wrist! i hope he gets the maximum sentence…even that is not enough. if it was me,i would already be locked up and the key thrown away.



  • anonymous

    they finally changed the judge on the case,the original judge was a close friend of the family! this whole case is a joke and everyone going to get paid off by big daddy and jr is going to get away with it. business as usual.

  • kirby1414

    This coward is sooo guilty – – and now he's pulling out the 'health card'…He and his family of crooks had this all planned. He couldn't have a disease like cancer, heart trouble because those kinds of diseases can be verified. But, mental illness – – no way can it be verified.
    This is such a travesty…both of them deserve to be in prison a long long time…Isn't is funny and sad what $$$ will buy in Chicago and a lot of other places. And this kind of thing runs wild in political circles…

  • Josh

    More time should be added to his sentence for trying this tactic and showing us how much of a conniving cheat and crook that he is.

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