May Day marchers to demonstrate downtown

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Organizers are expecting a big turnout for today’s May Day immigration march.

Demonstrators are planning to march through downtown Chicago this afternoon, before attending a rally in federal plaza.

Marches calling for immigration reform are held nationwide every May 1.

But organizers think there will be an even bigger crowd this year, now that immigration is on the agenda again in Congress.

The demonstration is set to begin at 2 p.m. in Union Park, at Ashland Avenue and Lake Street.  From there, demonstrators will head east on Washington Boulevard to Desplaines Street, and then south to Jackson Boulevard.

The event will culminate with a 4 p.m. rally at the Federal Plaza on Jackson and Dearborn Street.

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  • Guessed wrong

    Notice to my employees: If you miss work to go to this march that condones illegal activities, you will not need to show up for work tomorrow or Friday or next week, you're terminated.

  • Fed up

    I just don't understand how they don't understand that they are here illegally! They have literally snuck into this country across our borders, then have broken laws with identity etc. Now, they think it's their right to stay, and we should forgive all of their crimes??

    • jose

      Ok, what is your plant to fix the emigration broken system…a Hitler one, concentration camp to deport children born here with their parents and to start a human hunt house by house. say what are you solution…

  • Anonymous

    Why was my comment deleted by the administrator? I'm tired of working my buns off so these people can freeload off of my hard work… I'm just trying to voice my opinion and it gets deleted?!? There is so much more our tax dollars can go towards, instead of paying for these illegal aliens to come here and waste tax dollars.

    Here is an idea…why don't we take the tax dollars wasted on welfare and other benefit sucking programs and use it towards our schools, or improving roads, or drug testing everyone on government programs…if you "pop" on your drug test, guess what? No benefits for you. Get a job and earn your money like the rest of us.

    I can go on for a while, but I will end my rant here!

  • 14th Gen American

    If you do NOT deserve to be here, you do NOT deserve our freedoms! Mexicans are taking advantage of what this country was great for….and they don't care what they are ruining. Mexicans separate this country by language and many are too ignorant to learn English. If the mexican flag was worth waving…………WHY AREN'T YOU THERE?!?!

  • 14th Gen American

    They WILL only separate this country more and more, tearing it's history apart. Don't be naive people, it is alreading happening with this march! They are infesting this country like ****roaches!!
    Liberals are allowing this beautiful 1st rate country (1950's) turn into a gang filled, language mixed up 2nd world craphole.

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