Midday Fix: Dating tips from It’s Just Lunch

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Emily Fry

It’s Just Lunch
101 W. Grand Avenue
Suite 501


Always be careful about giving out personal information. Oversharing can put you in a dangerous situation. Don’t give out your last name until you’ve met one time and don’t become Facebook friends prior to your date.

Do your due diligence! Check out the person’s profile and make sure the values and interests listed seem to match yours. Don’t just go by the picture, but try to find someone who you would actually be compatible with.

Always have a point of contact person who knows where you’re going to be. That way this person can be sure to check in on you after the date and make sure you’re safe.

Exchange messages – or even better – speak on the phone a few times before meeting in person. Getting to know someone a little prior to the first date will help you gauge the chemistry and ultimately determine whether or not this is someone you’d like to meet.

For the first date, make sure you meet someone public. It’s Just Lunch always sets up the first date during lunch or after work for drinks. A lot of our clients report choosing Wednesday for a first date because it’s low-key and low-pressure.

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1 Comment

  • Calling_out_fraud

    So, first "Emily" advises that IJL doesn't share last names, phone numbers or places of employment and then she shares that one of her "clients" was facebook-stalking her future date on IJL. Really? How's that if you didn't share the aforementioned information?

    IJL is a FRAUD! I got suckered into this organization not once, but twice (making me the fool). They have veritable teenagers as "professional matchmakers" that seem to set people up by connect the dots. They do NOT listen to what you are looking for as an individual; they merely go through the motions of hooking one person up with another without any thought. Do yourself a favor, save the $1800 (or more) and skip IJL!!! SO NOT WORTH IT!

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