Searchers comb river for missing toddler

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The search continues Sunday in Maywood today, for the body of a young boy who police say was dumped in the Des Plaines river.

Search continues for missing Maywood boyAt 6 this morning,  KJ trainer Rob Larson and a small contingent of volunteers began combing the Des Plaines River for 1 year old  Bryeon Hunter, “No kid deserved to be disposed of like that, I have kids myself, and it just hit my heart,” said Larsen.

Larsen has been out here for days searching the stretch of the river.  Authorities believe Hunter’s body may have been dumped; allegedly by his mother and her boyfriend.

Emotions over the boy and the efforts to find him are high. The group is frustrated with what they call a lack of effort.

“We don’t have help from the village of Maywood.  I don’t understand it,” said search volunteer Marvin Edwards.

Maywood police were at a different section of the river, searching  with the Illinois Search and Rescue Council; an effort they say has continued since this case started, “Day and night we’ve been searching the general area, the home, trailers, trucks, parking lots, garbage cans. We even searched the river,” said Maywood Police Chief Tim Curry.

With the water level down and nice weather today dozens of search crews combed the river with dogs and on foot.

It’s a careful process police say is best handled by professionals – in order to preserve the crime scene or any evidence found along the way.

With the historic rains we’ve had,  There is the possibility Bryeon wont be found in this area, but that fact is not stopping search efforts.

Chief Curry says they will be out here as long and as often as is necessary.

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  • Ace

    If they find that poor child in the river then they need to throw his mother and her boyfriend in there too…with their hands and feet tied!!

    • kirby1414

      Great post – – I agree with you – – 150%!

      Until they throw these 2 maggots in the river – – let them help to find this poor little tortured baby…

  • sharong4

    Is he the baby's daddy or what? Why can't they be brought out to tell where they dumped the boy's body. let them look at this poor tortured soul who they inflicted pain upon. Throw their butts in the river.

  • Effort

    Please sign a petition to educate young mothers with children @ to stop this type of stuff from happening to our babies. This story have touched me so much because this little boy looks like one of mine and I have cried for him even when I heard the Amber Alert. But to find out that his mother has been inflicting pain on such a small baby for a long time just made my d)_m chest heavy and I cannot stop fighting for this baby…I don't care what it takes I will make sure something comes from him dying like this and NO ONE helping him. Even his grandmother who should be locked up too…they are so ignorant and nutty and selfish how could anyone sit back and know a baby is being harmed like this? Lil Bryeon is in my prayers daily, I know he's playing now and doing what a 1 year old should do carefree and without his young mother on his back…Have a ball you deserve, you are safe now it!!!!

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