Search resumes for missing boy in Maywood

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The search resumes Saturday morning for a missing boy in Maywood who is believed to be dead.

Flooding in the area delayed the search for one-year-old Bryeon Hunter.

His mother, Lakeshia Baker, and her boyfriend, Michael Scott have been charged with first-degree murder in connection to his death.

Prosecutors say Baker admitted to beating him repeatedly with a hanger and belt, and both admitted to leaving the boy’s body near the Des Plaines River in Maywood.

The boy’s body has not been found.

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  • keke

    I pray they find lil man and i'm happy they charged the cruel mother and her partner in crime so called abusive boyfriend for this baby murder. Bryeon didn't deserve that. He was just a toddler and didn't even have a chance. That hurts my heart.

  • Alovingmother

    God please go to work. So we can find this baby and bring him home. That baby deserve to get laid to rest the right way. He already been through enough. God please answer our prayer Bryeon need you right now

  • Effort

    Please sign a petition @ if you truly care that this type of crime happens to another child. I am so hurt that these type of crimes happen to our most precious little beings, and these ignorant nut cases inflicting this type of pain onto a baby. And that lawyer too, saying how she was abused, so what she's an adult she have choices but to invite a piece of crap like this into your house around your children is just happening too much with these insecure reject women and the babies are suffering for their ill decision making a()es. I started a petition to get young parents educated on parenthood but I am having a hard time getting adults with small children to sign (go figure). If you really care help so that another baby will not die by the hands of their own mother…this is just too much and it's overlooked because men are running the country and they have a hard time connecting. May God be with you Lil Bryeon, you ARE in my prayers everyday. I know God already has what he needs from you, your soul – now you can play and have fun without worrying about your nutty mammy.

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