Midday Fix: Phone fixes

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Phone Repair

Matt’s Tips:

Water Damage
iPhones are different than most phones because the battery doesn’t remove easily. If your phone gets wet, the first thing to do is turn it off immediately. If possible, remove the battery and drop your phone and battery in a bag of rice.
You have two choices. Spend the money and take it to a professional or leave the phone in the bag of rice for 3 days and cross your fingers. There is probably about a 50% success rate. Depending on how much water got in, you might discover the phone stops working again in a few weeks because of corrosion that will develop.
If you choose a professional this route, make sure the company you go to is using a sonic cleaner. It is used, with a special cleaning solution, to completely remove the corrosion from your phone’s motherboard and make sure the corrosion doesn’t come back

Battery Replacement
Most batteries last about 18-24 months before they start to lose their ability to hold charge.
For non-iPhone users, the solution is simple: Just find a replacement battery on Amazon. Amazon is preferable in this case because there is a huge variety in the quality of batteries. When the battery arrives, just pop it in the phone.
For iPhone 4 or 4S, it’s a little bit trickier because special tools are needed to remove the battery. You can get a pentalobe screwdriver and follow a video online to do this

Things to be aware of
There are a lot of bad batteries out there, make sure you are buying from a reputable dealer and preferably a US seller so you can return it if it doesn’t work well
The iPhone battery connector is not trivial to pull out. Customers do it themselves and actually rip the receiving connector off the phones motherboard—not a good result

JCD Repair
2351 N. Southport Avenue
(773) 800-1854

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