Key witness takes stand in Darien family murder trial

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Jacob Nodarse spent most of Thursday morning testifying about his childhood, leaving an unhappy home with his parents at 18 to staying with friends as he worked on his automotive degree.

He admitted to dabbling in drugs– a practice which worsened after a serious illness in 2007 got him hooked on more serious narcotics.  It was this partying which led to a friendship with future victim Mike Kramer.

Several years later Nodarse says he met Johnny Borizov– who became not only a close friend and confidant but his sole drug supplier, a relationship which strained as he learned of Borizov’s organized crime ties and fiercely contentious relationship with Mike Kramer.


Borizov has a son with Kramer’s sister, Angela. Nodarse says a furious custody battle fueled a bitter fight between the two men.

Nodarse says the pair threatened each other often and the whole Kramer family became involved in volatile fights.

As the custody battle peaked, Nodarse testified Borizov claimed his onetime childhood friend, Mike Kramer, wanted him dead because of his association to Borizov.

He says Borizov told him Angela Kramer needed to be taken care of.

Nodarse says his own family was then threatened. His sister would be raped, his family murdered if he did not carry out the murder.

He says Borizov even coached him on how to pull it off.


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