CPD increases foot patrol in high crime areas

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Mayor Emanuel and Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy took a walk at 79th and Langley Thursday– a south side neighborhood hit hard by crime and gangs.  24 police officers have been patrolling on foot here since late march.

Monique Jefferson’s family owns a photography store.  She met with officers from the Gresham district– a face-to-face she appreciates.

The 24 officers who walk around Chatham have roll call at 6:00pm and work through the night, backed up by cops in cars.  Mayor Emanuel says that helps keep crime down all day.

Relationship building is what the mayor and superintendent want, saying it is key to curbing the violence and the silence.

Some residents and business owners are still skeptical though and not quick to applaud.  It will take more than a month to change perceptions.

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    Clearly nobody is whining. Just trying to correct misinformation that a gullable person like yourself might actually believe. Hey are you one of those people that say "I pay your salary" to a police officer and don't even have a job? I bet you are. You couldn't walk a minute in one of those police officer's shoes. Everybody likes to bad mouth the police but they are real quick to call them when they need help. It's kind of funny huh. Double standard it seems.

  • kirby1414

    Fed up – – I've been saying just that – -for months!! I just cannot understand WHY they won't do it??? I've contacted TV stations, to see if they would do a story – and I get NO response…

    • Dana

      Simply because the Guards are not trained to be agents of the Criminal Justice system. They are specially trained for warfare in war zone areas. They can't just go in there and start sniping and shooting at gangbangers because it is not a war zone and there are civilians living in those places. Moreover, they know nothing about the Miranda Doctrine, Rights of the Accused, or the Bill of Rights. This country's Criminal Justice system doesn't work that way guys.

      • kirby1414

        So you don't think that all of the gang banging killers are causing a 'war zone' in Chicago? Every day – every weekend there are killings and shootings…
        Sorry, but I think we NEED warfare in what is a Chicago war zone – – Chicago is on national cable channel news for the number of killings and gang banging activites. Obviously, CPD cannot do this alone – – Call in the warfare – -What's the worst that could happen?? A bunch of gang banging killers or would be killers would be removed from society -by whatever means that needs to be taken~

  • gd0287

    Are they crazy? Put the officers on foot and the gang bangers move to a new area. This is a band aid approach and not taking the bad guys from the streets. It just relocates them. Plus 24 cops in a whole neighborhood is not that much. Cops in cars can have good relationships with residents and businesses just as good as foot patrols as evidenced in my suburb. Dream on.