Speed limit increase for Illinois highways?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A higher speed limit could be coming to Illinois highways.illinois-tollway

The state Senate passed legislation that would raise the interstate speed limit from 65 to 70-miles per hour.

Supporters say this would help businesses and put Illinois in line with other states that let drivers go faster.

The bill also allows Cook County and its surrounding collar counties to opt out.

If signed into law, the higher speed limit would take effect on New Year’s Day.

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  • deerejohn2012

    What difference does it make. Pretty much most people drive how ever fast they want speed limit oe not. And the police doesn't care till after the accident.

    • speedhater

      they fly through that constuction zone on the stevenson doing 80 limit is 45 and state trooper sleeping in center median

  • Peter

    Yes. I used to live in Kansas and they raised their speed limit from 70 to 75. Of course it is a lot slower as you get to metropolitan areas.

  • Bob

    When visiting family in the Chicago area, If I do the speed limit I am taking a chance of getting run off the road. What is the justification for this change?

  • Pauline

    Really does the state have nothing better to do….. What about work…. I love how they are saying it is easy to get a job and rates fell. Does not one idiot realize in the state that Quinn stopped benefits so people stopped reporting and here they care about the speed limit. Oh wait they all have jobs lets not make an other stupid law.

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