Forest View residents voice frustrations about flooding problems

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Hundreds of resident of southwest suburban Forest View showed up for an emergency meeting at the town hall Tuesday night.

The crowd was so large, it was moved to the adjoined fire house.

They wanted to know why town officials had not alerted them to the quickly rising flood waters Thursday and why they couldn’t get help when they called 911.

The small town of about 700 residents sits along the Des Plaines River and covers about one square mile.  Residents say they’ve never had such major flooding and many of them do not have flood insurance on their homes.

Many of those homes were severely flooded, leaving residents homeless. Town President Richard Grenvich and Fire Chief John Kiser addressed concerns at Tuesday’s meeting.  They said the Forest View village hall and fire station were also flooded and had to be evacuated, leaving the town unable to handle calls from residents.

Kiser says officials decided not to sound the tornado sirens because it would give residents a mixed message and possibly sending them to seek shelter in their basements, where flood waters were rising.

He says 160 homes were evacuated and 250 people rescued during an 80-hour period beginning Thursday.

Mounds of water-logged furniture, personal belongings and flooring now line the streets in Forest View.

Residents say they are now drying out and waiting to see if they qualify for help from FEMA.

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  • Cheryl

    My heart goes out to those residents who were devastated by the flood. However, if you live near a body of water, it only makes sense to have proper insurance coverage (flood insurance).

    • Vincent J MAMOLELLA

      Some day you to will face troubles and when you cry just remember the people who will put it in your face. I TOLD YOU SOO!!!! Go back to your miserable existence. We will not quit but continue to be a stronger community.

  • Todd Pardee

    So now, a village official, in another building, is supposed to notify you that the basement in the building that YOU are in, but they are not, is flooding? Why would they turn on a tornado siren without a tornado? What could an individual, or group, have done in the middle of the night to mitigate damages?
    According to the report the police and fire stations were flooded too so there would be no way to handle the calls coming in to explain, yes that’s a tornado siren, no there is no tornado, your basement is flooded.

    Sometimes people just have to expect that the government cannot avoid every disaster for you, they can’t save you in every disaster, and they can’t even warn you that every disaster is coming.

  • mmandmmzzzzz

    You go Vincent! I have a very, very good friend who lives in Forest View and it was devastating. I certainly hope you don't get caught off guard pagan69. My thoughts and prayers to all who are recovering from this tragedy. Let's HOPE the government steps up for this small community.