CPS students boycott school, protest closings

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Close to 300 CPS students are boycotting school today to protest school closings outside of the Board of Education’s meeting at 125 S. Clark.

Some are missing a state mandated test, the PSAE, required for promotion to the next grade and to evaluate each school and teacher.

CPS plans to shut down 54 schools this year, and protestors say the agenda of CPS is damaging and misguided, while unfairly impacting African-American and Hispanic communities.

CPS sent letters home with students, asking them to attend class today and take the PSAE test.

Protestors are not directly impacted by closings, as CPS is not shutting down high schools.

Most students were not permitted to speak to the media.

The organizing coalition, Chicago Students Organizing to Save Our Schools, designated only a few students to speak to the public.

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  • Fed up

    Why are CPS STUDENTS boycotting school? Shouldn't they be in class learning the skills they will need to live a productive life, and not be on welfare their whole life? Isn't this a big reason why schools are closing? Lack of grades and attendance? Ya gotta love the entertainment that they bring though.

    • John

      They should boycott the teachers and the union instead. They are the ones who got them into this mess. But what do you expect from some selfish students and parents. Its always about their comfort and what they can get.

  • kirby1414

    Free day – they can march around like they enjoy doing…there's a make up test in May – So -it's just a free day in the city…and we KNOW they LOVE free things~
    Who started this? Remember that Karen Lewis told the students tot report to their OLD school next fall – whether it was closed or not….Sounds like something she would start -to me~

    • Fed up

      Yeah, a free day to do whatever. Then, they blame other people for why they have failed in life. Here is a prime example; while other students have their nose to the grindstone in class right now, you're out marching and having fun.

  • Streaker Gamer

    ur not educated too i bet u just think that its our fault for everything well its sometimes the systems fault so shut up

    • Fed up

      That's the problem. It's not the systems fault! Learn to NOT rely on the system or anything else for that matter! Learn to rely on yourself and take responsibility!

  • Chris

    I went to school in Florida (at one of the top 20 schools in the State) and I really think that Illinois needs to take a hint from other high performing school districts. If teachers don't do their job, they lose their job – plain and simple. If kids don't want to take a standardized test, they don't get a scholarship to an in-state school. CPS is doing the right thing and I think they need to stay strong and stick to their decision to close low-performing schools.

  • ClintDukes

    The proposal of school integration in trouble areas are more beneficial to children than harmful. Most children between the ages of 8-14 tend to limit themselves to a small area about within a 1-4 block radius of their school. As the children age this radius becomes an imaginary border that they often never cross unless they know someone on the other side. This is where the problem is created. The young youthful mind dissociates itself from individuals on the other side of the line. Because this small radius is all they know and it's also considered home. So with school closures looming and integrations on the horizon. This allows the young youthful mind to have a purpose to cross these barriers created by mind. In return they become more sociable,confident,aware and have more of a sense of direction. "The sky's the limit but the road is now a few blocks longer"

  • Israel Munoz

    You commenters are so backward in your rationale. It's so easy to talk down to a students from a computer desk — let alone, having it come from someone who is not part of this education system.

  • Observant watcher

    WGN are you telling me you all couldn't get enough footage today, I mean come on did you really have to cut and paste two totally different demonstrations (Charter School Parents for equitable Funding with the yellow tshirts-vs- todays march. I dontt expect that shotty reporting/editing from WGN please tell the current story and let the footage show just that

  • JZam

    Why in the hell is CPS making them take standardize testing that are meaningless. Unless like Chicago someone has a lot of money invested making them take this test. Follow the money trail and
    It will make sence. And why blame teachers ? You don't like it get educated on your parents rights and speak up do something than hide behind your keyboard and get involved!!!!