Des Plaines still coping with flooded roads

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Des Plaines River is still above flood stage, after cresting last Friday.  At last check it was at 9.65 feet.  It will need to be at 8 feet in order for roads in the Des Plaines area to reopen.

From the air you can see just how wide-spread the flooding is in Des Plaines three days after the river crested at a record 10.92 feet.

From the ground roads look like rivers with only stranded cars as a reminder they are not.


Kevin Skier owns the Family Car Care shop in the heart of town.  He was finally able to open his doors yesterday after a good cleaning.

“Thank God none of the equipment got under water, none of the cars were under water, everything was above the ground,” Skier said.  “We were lucky this time.”

With all the road closures getting around town has been a traffic nightmare.

Des Plaines city officials blame part of the flooding woes on neighboring Mount Prospect and Prospect Heights for filling a 600-foot gap in a levee.  They claim that move violated their permit through the state’s Department of Natural Resources and the Illinois River Lakes and Streams Act.

“They filled it up with sandbags which meant all this extra water came down to Des Plaines and Rosemont and the down-river cities, and we got more flooding because of it,” acting Des Plaines Mayor Mark Walsten told WGN.

Walsten says the waters are finally starting to recede and he is hoping to get more roads open tomorrow.  He is asking residents to be patient for another couple of days.

WGN spoke with the village manager in Mount Prospect, Michael Janonis, about this permitting issue.  He declined to comment on it.

Acting Mayor Walsten says Des Plaines will let the Department of Natural Resources and other state agencies handle the issue.  Des Plaines will stay out of it.

Meanwhile, Walsten is hoping that the waters will recede enough so that major roads like River Road can reopen — hopefully by tomorrow.

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  • Tech master

    Please keep your gangs and all the water and we will keep Chick-fil-A and our money. You made it clear you don't need businesses or people like us to help.

    • James Walkins

      You are an idiot. I'd say something useful, but I don't think you'd get it. Really fat filled chick-fil-a is an embarrassment to the entire country.

      I went there once and I was bounced around by all the fatties who eat there.

  • David W

    It blows me away how slow Des Plaines has been in getting river rd. back open. Businesses all around that area are hurting really bad. It has been 4 days, they should of worked through the weekend to get that re-opened.

  • Jack

    They can blame whomever they want, but in the end the clean up has been pathetic to say the least. Does the city only work 1 hour a day? How the hell is River Rd. still closed?

  • Eileen

    I understand all the frustration about roads closed due to water, esp. River Road. I live off River Road. The hardest thing was trying to find ways to come home from the east with all the road closures. As bad as everything is right now, you need to realize that it does take time to remove all the water from all the streets. It is not a quick fix as we all would like. We all need to pull together in this and let the city do the clean up as quick as they can. I know patience is thin, including mine, but try to hang in there.

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