Mother, boyfriend charged with killing Maywood toddler

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A judge denied bail for the Maywood mother accused of beating her baby to death on Saturday, but originally telling police she and her son were the victims of an abduction. Lakeshia Baker and her boyfriend, 21-year-old Michael Scott made their first appearance in court today. The details of the crime were so disturbing Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez attending today’s hearing.

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Michael Scott and Lakeshia Baker

“This case strikes us as particularly heinous for a number of reasons,” said Alvarez.

In court, both defendants stood side by side, each charged with first degree murder in the alleged beating death of Baker’s one year old son, Bryeon Hunter.

“We don’t know how long the baby had been beaten but based on what we were told the child had been beaten continuously,”  said Alvarez.

Though first concocting an abduction story for police, which lead to an Amber Alert being issued on Tuesday, prosecutors say Baker later admitted to beating her son repeatedly with a belt, and making him sit for hours on the toilet as punishment. Scott told investigators that his girlfriend is the one who beat her son to death, leaving him to die on the bathroom floor.  Prosecutors say both admitted to stuffing the boy’s body into a backpack to dispose of it near the Des Plaines River in Maywood, then calling police to report a false kidnapping and beating by three men. Baker went so far as to tell her story to reporters, while the Amber Alert was still active.

“I think it’s horrific, we’re talking about a 20 month old child and to be continuously beaten and left on the toilet- you can just imagine what the child has gone through. As a mother, it really hits you, that a mother could do this to their own child and then getting the police involved in an Amber Alert, knowing full well that the child was already dead,” said Alvarez.

Maywood police chief Tim Curry said the story quickly unraveled as the truth came out, “due to the description of the subjects that she decribed, they were not a part of this event and we had concern with that.”

Though neither family wanted to talk on camera, Lakeshia Baker’s attorney, Irv Frazin said his client was not guilty, “she has been under the thumb of this fellow, this co-defendant for a long time, and this is a classic case of abuse.   She has been abused regularly by this person, hospitalized and I think all of that will come out later,” said Frazin.

Meanwhile, crews continue to search the Maywood area for Bryeon’s body.

Both Baker and Scott are due back in court on Tuesday.

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  • kirby1414

    Oh my heavens – – What an awful story. I once again question: WHERE IS THE DEATH PENALTY? Anything less than that would not to justice for the victim – so little – 20 months and supposedly counting on his 'mother' to keep him safe….and what did she do?? Beat him, keep him on the toilet for HOURS, and then KILL HIM!
    This story is just terrible – but allowing these 2 sub human creatures to stay alive s even more terrible.

    • sheila

      I agree with you 101%, they should get the death penalty and it should be broadcasted for the whole world to see, maybe that would send out a strong message to any upcoming sub human creatures that this type of "ish" can not be accepted.

    • Cee

      For some stupid reason we do not have the death penalty in Illinois. This person needs to be sterilized , and sent to jail for the rest of her life. Or just give her to the mothers of America to dole out justice.

  • noname

    DEATH PENALTY WE REALLY NEED IT sick people 2 teenage parents don't even know how to take care of a child (let alone the parents are childish)

    • Christine

      I FULLY support the death penalty. I believe that out tax dollars could and should be spent on bettering our communities rather that prolonging the existance of bad people. If the death penalty by means of the electric chair, lethal injection, gas chamber, or hanging is too cruel for some people I feel that you could opt to just be buried… alive, in a fully sealed plywood box. What still too inhumane? Guess lethal injection isn't that bad then.

    • naomi

      yes, sick people. but plenty of people have children at their ages and don't beat them to death. this has nothing to do with been a teen.

  • Todd Pardee

    First you give them a meeting with the gang bangers they accused. Then let them loose the general population cook county jail, then try whatever left over!

    Sometimes it best for things to work themselves out!

  • Shane

    I was at court today for a friend and this was the first case the judge called. As I sat their and listened to the things that they did to this poor child I wanted to scream. I would not care what a man says their is no way that you are supposed to allow him to harm your child. Okay now her lawyer said she was victim of abuse so I a trying to figure out doesn't that make her look even worse if you are a victim and you are going through al this so called abuse wouldn't you really try to protect your children if you cant take a punch what makes this girl think that her child could. The lady read statements and the details were horrible and through all of this sadness neither one of them have enough respect or love in their hearts to say where the child is. Hey at least say something they owe that to that poor helpless child. And another thing they came together to harm a child but now they are separating and blaming each other how sad. They are the both to blame if he saw her doing that he should have said something and if she know he did it she should have really opened her mouth. Thank God the 4yr old is not with her now. They even had a statement from the 4yr old wow.

  • Candace

    Michael Scott wouldn't do this … I know him ..I want to school with him he a sweet funny cool guy n I'm prayin for him !!

    • Dummy Up

      for your information…most abusers appear a sweet person…my brother in-law would beat the snot out of his wife and kids,,, abusers have different faces. I guess lakisha gave herself two double black eyes? sure doo-doo bird. if a man beat the hell out of you at least you will understand. this man don't have any bruises yet…he should know that he will get his ass whooped several times in jail…I hope he likes it!

    • Shane

      Wow you say he wouldn't do it but he didn't stop it or tell somebody so he is just as guilty. He has no heart anybody in they right mind would have called the police, you have to be a sick person to watch a child die slowly. Just bcuz you went to school with him doesn't mean anything half of the nutcases in the world has an education or went to school. Bcuz he went to school does not mean that he is not a killer. That makes it worse they teach you how to call 911 in preschool.

    • Lovingmother

      Candance yes you are tripping cause if you have kids I don't care how nice you think he his if he was accuse of something like than you should think other wise unless you crazy TOO

  • Joymar

    I know abortion is wrong, but did we do this innocent child a favor allowing it to be born. If people don't want children and plan on abusing them, they should not have children~

  • Katt

    I'm so hurt right now….Please Jehovah take this child into your loving arms and protect him….My heart is truly broken

  • Natalli

    This is just outrageous. I cannot any human being would do such a thing. I am deeply saddened by this event. Little Bryeon did not deserve this. R.I.P. Bryeon Hunter. I hope your so called mother rots in jail forever without the possibility of parole. Death penalty would be too easy. :(

  • Esco

    The death penalty is not cruel and unusual punishment, people have been put to death for their crimes long before America existed. It has it's place in a functional society. It's not being blood thirsty, it's justice for those that deserve it. Such as this case.

  • Tonya Timentwa

    This is soooo sick. These people disgust me. That poor child. I can't even imagine the pain that poor baby went through. It makes me so sad, that he had to go through that. If you don't want your child or can't stand him. Then give him to somebody else that does. It's not that bay's fault "Ure a low down dirty piece of s#*t!!" I hope god has mercy on your soul. Cause if it were up to me……………OMG you don't even want to know. Maybe someday I can find it my heart to forgive people like you. But right now all you do is disgust me.

    • sandy

      My sister was abusive to her daughter that i put my own sister into a metal hospital. best thing i ever done. for her self. but especially for her daughter. now my niece is 16 and safe with me and my 2 year old son. i miss my sister. but thank god i removed her from her daughter. i think i would of killed my sister first

  • neezy

    So because he couldn't be potty trained at one, you beat and torture him to death??!! He was an innocent gift and these monsters killed him! As a mother, my heart aches for that innocent baby. Neither jail nor death is enough for these animals.

  • Sharniel Davis

    The death penalty is too easy for them. How could a human being even come to turns to even do that to there child your baby so small & helpless. He depends on you, looks up to you to love him unconditionally. You call yourself a mother you are a disgrace. It doesn’t matter what that angel did, he didn’t deserve that torture. I wish you the same type of pain that you caused on that child. If you couldn’t deal with him that’s your problem you could have given him away to people that want children. He didn’t ask to be brought into this world but he was. God gave you an angel his gift to you and this is how you treated his most beloved gift. Yes, the both of you will get your day.The time that you have left on this earth is short. The tears that ranned upon that angel face that sweet innocent baby. Both of you deserve death tormented torture. You are cowards. There should be no trails, let us the people parents take care of you sick sad creatures.

  • Angry

    I am heavy, this has truly disturbed me. Why are people killing children. I am so sad. Death is too easy for these two pathetic excuses for human beings. I feel like they should be beat to death, resuscitated and beat to death again and so on so forth. Yes they could continue that for years, relentlessly.

  • Sharon M

    Due to both the Chicago flooding and Boston bombings ,including their aftermaths , this story sort of got swept under the radar. I will not go into the gory details of how the child was murdered or disposed of his small body . But needless to say that there are others who knew what was going on in the Baker/Scott household before this child mercilessly died. There was also another sibling in the home. Please if you ever suspect child abuse is occurring please intervene and call the authorities.

    • Amina

      U are 100% right, why could anyone see or hear that and wait for this awful crime to happen to a little pure innocent child !!! Rote in hell criminals, I hope they will never be released from prison . They don't deserve to live

    • weeping for this baby boy

      So was there anyone who loved this baby? Did he have any moments to smile about? Was the 4 yr old abused as well? Why didn’t the family or anyone say something? Was she abusing him as an infant as well? Omg…I can’t stop thinking of him as I am a mother of a 16 month old and couldn’t imagine his little body on the bathroom floor. Obviously these ppl have some mental health issues but do you think they feel remorse at all? Maybe one day she will think of the lil baby she gave life to and actually miss him? These ppl don’t deserve to live but living with the guilt would be hell….if she has a heart at all she will regret this horrible crime! Where’s the biological father? Why wasn’t he involved or was he just as much of a loser??

      • jazzy

        i was reading somebody comments on fb and yes she has been abusing these kids that wasnt the first time they said they heard the baby crying all the time from beating and yelling at them

  • Twin Cities

    I almost can't comment there no words that can describe how I am feeling regarding the suffering of this innocent baby. RIP our little angel….Love ya

  • Anonymous

    Very very disturbing how can a parent want to harm their own babies? their lives?.these two deserve whats coming for very upset idk what this world is coming too but its so sad.people need jesus in them for real.

    • Stilque

      The death penalty is too good for the likes of such! Vengeance is mine smith The Lord!!! He can do a much better job than we can ever imagine. Then why should we fall into divers mode because of the likes of what you hear in this case?

  • Mina

    My eyes full with tears, when I looked at the child picture I felt he never had a happy day during his life, a nasty women who doesn't deserve to be a mother or mentioned as a Human, is torturing the little boy who doesn't even know how to talk!!! Those 2 criminals SHOULD BE SENTENCED TO DEATH. There also should be a kind of childhood department to check on people who got kids, to check at least once a year that every child is being treated without abuse.
    My message to every nasty parent who raises his finger against an innocent child, if you can't be a good father or mother , it's better to arrange an adoption or find a home for your child where he or she can be loved and treated kindly.
    Rest in peace little angel

  • spoolie

    Im sure this jerks reasons for killing the kid will be as good as the one daddy who used his baby as a shield so he wouldn't get shot.

    • ChocolateCity

      Ok, I thought the same thing when I heard the story about the baby being shot several times. I don't care what lie he told he held that baby up as a shield. How can the child's mother still stay with this man? She knows that fact is weighing heavy on her mind and yet she still trust this man? Also, a so called preacher stood up for him. My God, the Devil is in the Church!.

      Also, when I first saw the news regarding the 1 year old I knew there was more to this story. Also, Lakeshia's Mom knew what was going on. How can you not know your grandchildren are being beaten? She is just as guilty as her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend. I pray that justice be serve to all 3. I also, pray that DCFS keeps an open file on the Grandmother, because she knew what was going on and to think that the state will be giving her custody of the 4 year old is really messed up. I pray another relative takes custody of the 4 year old and not the Grandmother.

  • Eliza S.

    The black eyes were either self-inflicted or inflicted by her loser boyfriend to corroborate her story of being attacked by the three men in the car, who supposedly took the baby. Look how perfectly matched the bruises are, she did it on purpose so her story would seem legit. What a waste of life…that poor baby never did anything wrong, and paid the price for having a piece of trash for a mom. Seems like the kid's grandma genuinely loved him, it's too bad she didn't take full custody of him, since the mother obviously never wanted him. As someone who is currently pregnant (and went through a LOT to get that way) it breaks my heart to see people who just don't care about their kids having no trouble popping out babies, but people who actually desperately want one have trouble. She should have given the kid up for adoption.